UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Student Collaborators

Student Collaborators
NameDegree Year
RelationshipCurrent Position
Katherine Adams2012 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Associate Project Scientist, University of California, Davis
Jesus Arellano Gonzalez2020 Co-Author Research Economist, Banco Central de Mexico
Oscar Barriga-Cabanillas2021 Dissertation Chair Economic Consultant, World Bank
Rachel Bernstein2016 MS Thesis Chair  
Anil Bhargava2014 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Assistant Vice President, Agriculture Reinsurance, Hamilton Insurance Group
Samuel Bird2019 Co-Author Assistant Professor, Luther College
Tomoe Bourdier2020 Dissertation Chair Research Fellow/Economist, CIRAD
Ji-Yeon Cheon2023 Co-Author Research Fellow, Korea Insurance Research Institute
Juan Sebastian Correa Moreno2021 Co-Author Economist, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
Felipe Dizon2016 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Senior Economist, World Bank
Ghada Elabed2014 Co-Author Senior Agriculture Economist, World Bank
Marieke (Mari) Fenton2024 Co-Author Ph.D. Candidate
Mateusz Filipski2011 Co-Author Associate Professor, University of Georgia
Siwei Gao2018 Co-Author  
Emma Gjerdseth2019 Co-Author  
Kajal Gulati2017 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Christopher Gustafson2011 Co-Author Associate Professor, University of Nebraska
Minjung Joo2019 Co-Author  
Justin Kagin2013 Dissertation Chair Founder/ owner, Kagin Consulting
Sean Kiely2019 Co-Author  
Caitlin Kieran2022 Dissertation Chair Research and Evaluation Specialist, Landesa
Hannah Krovetz2018 Co-Author  
Yoko Kusunose2010 Dissertation Chair

Associate Professor, University of Kentucky
Madeleine Langone2019 Co-Author  
Nicholas Magnan2010 Co-Author

Dissertation Co-Chair
Associate Professor, University of Georgia
Dale Manning2013 Co-Author Associate Professor, Colorado State University
Jonathan Martindill2019 Co-Author  
Lindsay McPhail2019 Co-Author  
Aleksandr Michuda2021 Co-Author Assistant Research Professor, Cornell University
Laura Anne Paul2019 Dissertation Chair Research Agricultural Economist, United States Department of Agriculture
Lea Prince2015 Dissertation Co-Chair Research Economist, Stanford University
Daniel Putman2020 Dissertation Chair Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for Social Norms and Behavioral Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania
Lifeng Ren2019 Co-Author  
Rubén Irvin Rojas Valdés2018 Co-Author Professor, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas
Jess Rudder2021 Dissertation Chair Post doctoral researcher, University of Chicago
Olena Sambucci2015 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Project Scientist, University of California, Davis
Leekyung (Lee) Shim2018 Co-Author  
Emilia Tjernström2015 Co-Author Development Economist, University of Sydney
Abbie Turiansky2016 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Researcher, Mathematica Policy Research
Asare Twum-Barima2017 Dissertation Chair Chief Data Scientist/Software Developer, Eruvent Technologies LLC
Qian Wang2023 Co-Author Entry Level Traffic Engineer, AECOM
Nicholas Williams2018 Co-Author  
Eliana Zeballos2016 Dissertation Co-Chair Behavioral Economist, United States Department of Agriculture
Nikolas Zolas2011 Co-Author Research Analyst, U.S. Census Bureau
Wenbo Zou2016 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Assistant Professor, Nankai University
Mingzhi Zu2018 Co-Author Assistant Professor, Peking University

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