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Working Papers

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Stephen R. Boucher, Michael R. Carter, Jon Einar Flatnes, Travis J. Lybbert, Jonathan Malacarne, Paswel Marenya, and Laura Paul, “Bundling Genetic and Financial Technologies for More Resilient and Productive Small-scale Agriculture” NBER Working Paper 29234. Media coverage The Conversation

Brian Dillon and Travis J. Lybbert, “The Gambler’s Fallacy Dominates the Hot Hand in Lottery Play”

Nicholas Magnan, David J. Spielman, Kajal Gulati, and Travis J. Lybbert, “Gender dimensions of social networks and technology adoption: Evidence from a field experiment in Uttar Pradesh, India​”

Kajal Gulati, Patrick Ward, Travis J. Lybbert, and David J. Spielman, "Intrahousehold Preference Heterogeneity and Demand for Labor-Saving Agricultural Technology: The Case of Mechanical Rice Transplanting in India"

Anil K. Bhargava, Travis J. Lybbert and David J. Spielman, “Public Benefits of Private Technology Adoption: The Localized Spatial Externalities of Water Conservation in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Emilia Tjernström, Dalia Ghanem, Oscar Barriga Cabanillas, Travis J. Lybbert, Jeffrey D. Michler, and Aleksandr Michuda “A Group Random Coefficient Approach to Modeling Heterogeneity in Technology Adoption”

Abbie Turiansky, Michael R. Carter, Travis J. Lybbert, Robers Pierre Tescar, and Tomoe Bourdier, “The Heterogeneous Impact of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Haiti” Media coverage Huffington Post

Wenbo Zou, Travis J. Lybbert, and Steven Vosti, “A United Family Prospers: Intrahousehold Economic Discord, Household Income and Child Growth in Burkina Faso”

Justin D. Kagin and Travis J. Lybbert, “Religiosity and Educational Attainment Among the Roma: Shedding an Oppositional Identity?”

Oscar Barriga-Cabanillas and Travis J. Lybbert, “Liquidity or Convenience? Heterogeneous Impacts of Mobile Airtime Loans on Network Usage and Communication Expenditure”

Oscar Barriga-Cabanillas, Joshua E. Blumenstock, Travis J. Lybbert and Daniel Putman, “The potential and limitations of big data in development economics: The use of cell phone data for the targeting and impact evaluation of a cash transfer program in Haiti”

Daniel S. Putman and Travis J. Lybbert, “Social Network Response to Social Unrest: Evidence from Mobile Phone Metadata in Haiti”

Travis J. Lybbert, Ashish Shenoy, Tomoé Bourdier, and Caitlin Kieran, “Striving to Revive Pulses in India with Extension, Input Subsidies, and Output Price Supports

Ellen Anderson, Travis J. Lybbert, Ashish Shenoy, Rupika Singh, and Daniel Stein, “Does Survey Mode Matter? Evidence from Phone and In-Person Agricultural Surveys in India”

Nils Bohr, Tim Deisemann, Douglas Gollin, Frederic Kosmowski, and Travis J. Lybbert, “Seeds, Beliefs and Fertilizer: On-farm misallocation due to seed misclassification”

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