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Working Papers

For current versions of any of these working papers, please email me directly.

Travis J. Lybbert and Bruce Wydick, “Hope as Aspirations, Agency and Pathways: Poverty Dynamics and Microfinance in Oaxaca, Mexico” NBER Working Paper No. 22661.

Felipe Dizon and Travis J. Lybbert, “Leveraging the Lottery Impulse: Experimenting with Lotto-Linked Savings in Haiti

Nicholas Magnan, David J. Spielman, Kajal Gulati, and Travis J. Lybbert, “Gender dimensions of social networks and technology adoption: Evidence from a field experiment in Uttar Pradesh, India​”

Nathan Goldschlag, Travis J. Lybbert and Nikolas J. Zolas, “An ‘Algorithmic Links with Probabilities’ Crosswalk for USPC and CPC Patent Classifications with an Application Towards Industrial Technology Composition​” US Census Bureau Center for Economic Studies Paper No. CES-WP-16-15.

Katherine P. Adams, Travis J. Lybbert, Stephen A. Vosti, Emmanuel Ayifah, Mary Arimond, Seth Adu-Afarwuah, and Kathryn G. Dewey, "Intrahousehold Effects of a Targeted Maternal and Child Nutrition Intervention: Household Behavior and Spillovers in Ghana​"

David Wuepper and Travis J. Lybbert, “Perceived Self-Efficacy, Poverty and Economic Development

Anil K. Bhargava, Travis J. Lybbert and David J. Spielman, “Public Benefits of Private Technology Adoption: The Localized Spatial Externalities of Water Conservation in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Bruce Wydick, Robert Dowd, and Travis J. Lybbert, “Hope and Human Dignity: Exploring Religious Belief, Hope, and Transition out of Poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico

Olena Sambucci and Travis J. Lybbert, “Do Online Pest Management Courses Change Grower Behavior? Powdery Mildew and California Grape Growers”

Emilia Tjernstrom, Michael Carter and Travis J. Lybbert “The Dirt on Dirt: Soil Characteristics and Variable Fertilizer Returns in Kenyan Maize Systems”

Travis J. Lybbert, Stephen A. Vosti, Katherine P. Adams, and Rosemonde Guissou, “The Dynamics of Household Demand for Child Micronutrient Supplementation”

Nikolas Zolas and Travis J. Lybbert, “How Do Patents Shape Global Value Chains? International and Domestic Patenting and Value-Added Trade”

Travis J. Lybbert and Dale Manning, “Asset Dynamics, Risk Aversion & Intertemporal Substitution: Dynamic risk responses undermine the estimation of conventional but not recursive preferences”

Bruce Wydick, Travis J. Lybbert and R. Irvin Rojas Valdes, “The Economics of Microfinance and Hope in Oaxaca, Mexico”

Remidius D. Ruhinduka, Yonas Alem, Håkan Eggert, and Travis J. Lybbert, “Paddy in hand, now what? The Role of Risk, Ambiguity and Time Preferences in Post-Harvest Decisions of Tanzanian Rice Farmers”

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