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Working Papers

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Bruce Wydick, Robert Dowd, and Travis J. Lybbert, “Hope and Human Dignity: Exploring Religious Belief, Hope, and Transition out of Poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico

R. Irvin Rojas Valdes, Bruce Wydick and Travis J. Lybbert, “Can Hope Elevate Microfinance? Evidence from Oaxaca, Mexico” Media coverage The New York Times

Justin D. Kagin and Travis J. Lybbert, “Religious Engagement and Educational Attainment Among the Marginalized Roma”

Brian Dillon and Travis J. Lybbert, “The Gambler’s Fallacy Dominates the Hot Hand in Lottery Play”

Nicholas Magnan, David J. Spielman, Kajal Gulati, and Travis J. Lybbert, “Gender dimensions of social networks and technology adoption: Evidence from a field experiment in Uttar Pradesh, India​”

Kajal Gulati, Patrick Ward, Travis J. Lybbert, and David J. Spielman, "Intrahousehold Preference Heterogeneity and Demand for Labor-Saving Agricultural Technology: The Case of Mechanical Rice Transplanting in India"

Nikolas Zolas and Travis J. Lybbert, “How Do Patents Shape Global Value Chains? International and Domestic Patenting and Value-Added Trade”

Anil K. Bhargava, Travis J. Lybbert and David J. Spielman, “Public Benefits of Private Technology Adoption: The Localized Spatial Externalities of Water Conservation in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Mingzhi Xu and Travis J. Lybbert, "Innovation-adjusted Economic Complexity and Growth: Does product-specific patenting reveal enhanced economic capabilities?"

Emilia Tjernström, Dalia Ghanem, Oscar Barriga Cabanillas, Travis J. Lybbert, Jeffrey D. Michler, and Aleksandr Michuda “A Group Random Coefficient Approach to Modeling Heterogeneity in Technology Adoption”

Olena Sambucci and Travis J. Lybbert, “Do Online Pest Management Courses Change Grower Behavior? Powdery Mildew and California Grape Growers”

Emilia Tjernstrom, Michael Carter and Travis J. Lybbert “The Dirt on Dirt: Soil Characteristics and Variable Fertilizer Returns in Kenyan Maize Systems”

Emilia Tjernstrom, Jose Clavijo and Travis J. Lybbert “When Intentions Matter: Identifying the Prevalence and Source of Poor Quality Inputs in Western Kenya” Media coverage The Economist

Emilia Tjernström, Travis J. Lybbert, Rachel Frattarola, and Juan Sebastian Correa, “Learning by (virtually) doing: Experimentation and belief updating in smallholder agriculture”

Samuel Bird, Michael Carter, Emilia Tjernström, Travis J. Lybbert, Mary Mathenge, and Timothy Njagi “Filling A Niche? The Impacts of a Local Seed Company on Maize Productivity in Kenya.” NBER Working Paper 27636, Aug 2020. 

Abbie Turiansky, Michael R. Carter, Travis J. Lybbert, Robers Pierre Tescar, and Tomoe Bourdier, “The Heterogeneous Impact of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Haiti” Media coverage Huffington Post

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