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Hope Michelson, Kathleen Beegle, Naureen Karachiwalla, Travis J. Lybbert, Joaquin Sanabria, James Stevenson, and Emilia Tjernstrom, "Devil in the Details: Measuring seeds" World Bank Development Impact Blog, 8 April 2021. 

Hope Michelson, Kathleen Beegle, Naureen Karachiwalla, Travis J. Lybbert, Joaquin Sanabria, James Stevenson, and Emilia Tjernstrom, "Devil in the Details: Measuring agricultural input quality" World Bank Development Impact Blog, 24 March 2021. 

J. Edward Taylor and Travis J. Lybbert, "Why we use research frontiers of Development Economics to teach its essentials" UC Press Blog, 2 Jan 2021.

Travis J. Lybbert and Oscar Barriga Cabanillas, "Starting small with big data: 'Boots on the Ground' and Big Data are complements not substitutes" CEGA Blog, 5 April 2019. 

Travis J. Lybbert and Abbie Turiansky, "Improving Rice Productivity to Increase Rural Incomes and Food Security in Haiti" Commissioned by Copenhagen Consensus Haiti Priorise, May 2017. Slides.

Aaron Smith and Travis J. Lybbert, “Obscure Rule Causes Tour de France Crashes” Featured on Sports Illustrated: The Cauldron, July 2016. 

Michael Carter, Travis J. Lybbert, and Stephen Boucher, “Bundling Innovative Risk Management Technologies to Improve Nutritional Outcomes of Vulnerable Agricultural Households” BASIS Brief, 2015.

David J. Spielman, Anil Bhargava, Kajal Gulati, Travis J. Lybbert, and Nicholas Magnan, “Promoting the use of a novel water-saving agricultural technology among Indian farmers” Ideas for India, 28 April 2015, International Growth Centre.

Travis J. Lybbert and Daniel Sumner, “Agricultural Biotechnology for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” BIORES 9(3) April 2015.

Michael Carter, Travis J. Lybbert, Mary Mathenge, and Emilia Tjernstrom, “Spurring Technological Innovation and Poverty Reduction? Evaluating the Impact of a New Seed Market Actor in Kenya” BASIS Brief, 2014.

Travis J. Lybbert, “Drought-tolerance: a learning challenge for poor farmers” Science and Development Network, Opinions, 14 July 2010.

Travis J. Lybbert and Daniel Sumner, “Agricultural Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Developing Countries: Policy Options for Innovation and Technology Diffusion” ICTSDIPC Platform on Climate Change, Agriculture and Trade, Issue Brief No.6, May 2010, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (Geneva, Switzerland) and International Food & Agriculture Trade Policy Council (Washington DC).

Travis J. Lybbert and Michael R. Carter, “Evaluation of CIRM Research Plan for WRMS Project: Comprehensive Agriculture Risk Management Services” September 2009, Prepared for ILO and CIRM.

Abdellah Aboudrare, Travis J. Lybbert, and Nicholas Magnan “Le Marché de l’Huile d’Argan et Son Impact Sur Les Ménages et La Forêt dans La Region d’Essaouira” Transfert de Technologie en Agriculture Avril 2009 (Published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Kingdom of Morocco).

Travis J. Lybbert, Nicholas Magnan, and Alex McCalla “Assessing the Tradeoffs between Cereal and High Value Crop Production in Morocco” October 2008, Prepared for the World Bank.

Travis J. Lybbert, “Empirical Approaches to Assessing Tenure Constraints on Emerging Value Chains in Morocco” July 2007, Prepared for USAID project Integrating Agriculture and Agribusiness.

Travis J. Lybbert, “Costly Measures vs. ‘Unconscionable’ Profits” Palm Beach Post OP-ED, 10 November 2005.

Travis J. Lybbert, “Indian Farmers’ Valuation of Crop Yield Distributions: Implications for Bt Brinjal” Policy brief prepared for the Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project II, July 2004.

Travis J. Lybbert, Christopher B. Barrett, and Hamid Narjisse, “Market Solutions, the Environment, and Morocco” Project Syndicate Into Africa series, January 2003.

Travis J. Lybbert and Richard Cahoon, Licensing the Ring-Spot Virus Resistant Papaya in the Caribbean Region, Report prepared for Jamaican Agricultural Development Foundation, May 2001.

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