UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Current Projects

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ProjectLocationYear StartedDetails
Household Production, Consumption and Nutrition Effects of Promoting Pulse CultivationBihar, India2017
Bundling Drought Tolerant Maize with Drought Index InsuranceTanzania and Mozambique2014
Gameifying Soil-specific Input Recommendations via a Virtual Farming AppWestern Kenya2015see mahindimaster.org 
Using DNA Fingerprinting to Detect Counterfeit Maize SeedsWestern Kenya2016
Assessing Ferlizer Quality Across Ag-input Supply ChainsWestern Kenya2017
Determinants of Lottery Play and the Potential of Lotto-Linked Savings as a Tool for Finanical Inclusion Haiti2015
Using Call Detail Records to Evaluate Food Security Impacts of an Emergency Unconditional Cash TransferHaiti2016
Innovation-adjusted Economic Complexity Measures and Economic GrowthInternational2015
Innovation Policy and Constraints in the Ugandan Agri-Food Sector: The case of coffee nurseries and fruit processingUganda2016

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