UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Books & Book Chapters

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Bruce Wydick, Robert Dowd, and Travis J. Lybbert. 2020. "Hope and Human Dignity: Exploring Religious Belief, Hope, and Transition out of Poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico" inThe Practice of Human Development and Dignity, Notre Dame Press.

Travis J. Lybbert and Bruce Wydick, 2019 “Hope as Aspirations, Agency and Pathways: Poverty Dynamics and Microfinance in Oaxaca, Mexico” in Christopher B. Barrett, Michael Carter, and Jean-Paul Chavas (eds), The Economics of Poverty Traps, University of Chicago Press and NBER.

J. Edward Taylor, Mateusz J. Filipski, Travis J. Lybbert, Abdellah Aboudrare. 2014. “Gender and Saffron Price Shocks in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains” in J. Edward Taylor and Mateusz J. Filipski (eds), Beyond Experiments in Development Economics: Local Economy-wide Impact Evaluation (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Travis J. Lybbert and Michael R. Carter. 2014. “Bundling Drought Tolerance & Index Insurance to Reduce Rural Household Vulnerability to Drought” in Sustainable Economic Development: Resources, Environment, and Insitutions (Oxford: Elsevier).

Travis J. Lybbert and Heather Morgan. 2013. “Lessons from the Arab Spring: Food Security and Stability in the Middle East and North Africa” in Christopher B. Barrett (ed), Food Security and Sociopolitical Stability (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Travis J. Lybbert, John H. Skerritt and Robert J. Henry. 2013. “Facilitation of Future Research and Extension Through Funding and Networking Support” in C. Kole (ed), Genomics and Breeding for Climate-Resilient Crops (Vol I) (New York: Springer).

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