UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Student Collaborators

Student Collaborators
NameDegree Year
RelationshipCurrent Position
Isabel Call2016 Co-Author  
Eliana Zeballos2016 Dissertation Co-Chair Research Agricultural Economist, United States Department of Agriculture
Xiaochen Ma2015 Dissertation Co-Chair Assistant Professor, Peking University
Jonathan Malacarne2015 Dissertation Co-Chair  
Scott McNiven2014 Dissertation Chair  
Jean Paul Pétraud2014 Dissertation Chair Research Associate, IMPAQ International
Conner Mullally2011 Co-Author Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Susan M. Richter2008 Dissertation Co-Chair Post-Doctoral Researcher, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC
Monticha Sompolvorachai2008 Dissertation Co-Chair Lecturer, Miami University
Jian Zhang2007 Co-Author Assistant Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics
Catherine Guirkinger2006 Dissertation Co-Chair; Co-Author Professor, University of Namur
Huang Chen Dissertation Co-Chair  

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