UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Student Collaborators

Student Collaborators
NameDegree Year
RelationshipCurrent Position
Corinne Alexander2003 Dissertation Chair

Professor (deceased), Purdue University
Henry An2009 Dissertation Co-Chair

Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
Kelly Cobourn2009 Co-Author

Dissertation Co-Chair
Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
Kiara Corrigan2009 Dissertation Co-Chair

Senior Research Scientist, Hewlett-Packard
Derek Farnsworth2014 Co-Author

Dissertation Co-Chair
Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Sandra Gonzalez2003 Co-Author

Thesis Chair
Professor, Yuba College
Brittney Goodrich2017 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Assistant Professor, Auburn University
Kelly Grogan2010 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Associate Professor, University of Florida
Frank Han2003 Dissertation Co-Chair

Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo
Peter Howard2012 Dissertation Chair

Economics Director, New York University
Gregory McKee2006 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Assistant Professor, Director, North Dakota State University
Aleksandr Michuda2019 Co-Author Ph.D. Candidate
Sandeep Mohapatra2004 Dissertation Co-Chair

Associate Professor, University of Alberta
Sandhyarani Patlolla2010 Dissertation Co-Chair

Lecturer, San Francisco State University
Zoë Plakias2016 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
Carlo Russo2008 Co-Author

Dissertation Co-Chair
Associate Professor, University of Cassino
K. Aleks Schaefer2017 Dissertation Chair Assistant Professor, Royal Veterinary College, University of London
Melissa Schweisguth2014 Co-Author Associate Technical Director, ACDI/VOCA
Heidi Schweizer2018 Dissertation Co-Chair Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
Kaitlyn Smoot2011 Co-Author Program Associate, One Acre Fund
Kimberly Steinmann Co-Author Scientist, California Department of Pesticide Regulation
Tor Tolhurst2020 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Ph.D. Candidate
Yan (Sophie) Xu2019 Co-Author

Thesis Chair
Ph.D. Candidate

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