UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Working Papers

Boucher, S., M.R. Carter, T. Lybbert, J. Malacarne, P. Marenya and L. Paul (2021). “Bundling Genetic and Financial Technologies for More Resilient and Productive Small-scale AgricultureNBER Working Paper no. w29234.
Carter, M.R. (forthcoming). “Can Digitally-enabled Financial Instruments Secure an Inclusive Agricultural Transformation?” Agricultural Economics.
Carter, M.R. (forthcoming). “Climate Change & Vulnerability: Can Index Insurance Meet the Challenge?” Revue d´Économie du Développment.
Carter, M.R., M. Martinez Sugassti, F. Fava and N. Jenson (2021). “Measuring Quality for Sovereign Index Insurance: Concepts and a Kenyan Case Study.”

Turiansky, A., T. Lybbert, T. Bourdier, M. Carter and RP Tescar (2020). "The Heterogenous Impact of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Haiti."

Carter, M.J., Laajaj, R., & Yang, D. (2018). Directed vs. enabling interventions: A study of subsidies and savings in rural Mozambique, working paper, University of California, Davis.

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Castillo Marco and Michael Carter (2007). "Using Field Experiments to Identify Social Effects."

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