UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Student Collaborators

Student Collaborators
NameDegree Year
RelationshipCurrent Position
Jorge Agüero Dissertation Chair University of California
Ursula Aldana Dissertation Chair Researcher, GRADE/ Instituto de Estudios Peruanos
Mo Alloush2019 Dissertation Chair Assistant Professor, Hamilton College
Chris Barrett Dissertation Chair Professor, Cornell University
Samuel Bird2019 Dissertation Chair Assistant Professor, Luther College
Steve Boucher Dissertation Co-Chair Associate Professor, University of California, Davis
Marco Castillo Dissertation Chair George Mason University
Juan Sebastian Chamorro Dissertation Chair Director, Fundación Nicaragüense para el Desarrollo Económico y Social (FUNIDES)
Huang Chen2018 Dissertation Co-Chair Assistant Professor, Xiamen University, China
Weiping Chen Dissertation Chair Capitol One Bank
Lan Cheng2014 Dissertation Chair Research Coordinator, Committee on Sustainability Assessment
Juan Sebastian Correa2021 Dissertation Chair Ph.D. Candidate
Ghada Elabed2014 Dissertation Chair Researcher, World Bank
Jon Einar Flatnes2015 Dissertation Chair Assistant Professor, Acadia University

Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
Diana Fletschner Dissertation Chair Director of Research, LANDESA: Rural Development Institute
Francisco Galarza Dissertation Chair Universidad del Pacifico
Andrew Hobbs2020 Dissertation Chair Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco
Menobou Ikegami Dissertation Chair International Livestock Research Institute
Sarah Janzen2013 Dissertation Chair Assistant Professor, Montana State University
Elizabeth Katz Dissertation Chair Associate Professor, University of San Francisco
Rachid Laajaj Dissertation Chair Paris School of Economics

University of Wisconsin
Benjamin Linkow Dissertation Chair Research Scientist, NORC
Jonathan Malacarne2019 Dissertation Chair Assistant Professor, University of Maine
Tewodaj Mogues Dissertation Chair Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC
John Morrow Dissertation Chair Centre for Economic Performance

London School of Economics and Political Science
Andrés Moya2013 Dissertation Chair Associate Professor, Universidad de los Andes

Assistant Professor, Universidad de los Andes
Conner Mullally2011 Dissertation Co-Chair Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Dave Mushinski Dissertation Co-Chair Professor, Colorado State University
Javier Parada2018 Dissertation Chair World Bank
Laura Anne Paul2019 Dissertation Chair Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Delaware
Jean Paul Pétraud2014 Dissertation Co-Chair M&E Fellow, United States Agency for International Development
Maira Emy Reimao2016 Dissertation Chair Post-Doctoral Fellow, Yale University
Ricardo Sabates Dissertation Chair Associate Professor, University of Sussex
Yasuharu Shimamura Dissertation Chair Ritsumeikan University
Maqbool Sial Dissertation Chair University of Fasialabad
Denise Stanley Dissertation Chair Professor, California State University, Fullerton
Emilia Tjernström2015 Dissertation Chair Lecturer, University of Sydney

Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Patricia Toledo Dissertation Chair Ohio University
Rachel Wheeler-Sabates Dissertation Co-Chair Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies-Sussex
Yang Yao Dissertation Chair Peking University
Jisang Yu2016 Dissertation Co-Chair Assistant Professor, Kansas State University
Eduardo Zegarra Dissertation Chair Senior Researcher, GRADE/ Instituto de Estudios Peruanos
Frederick Zimmerman Dissertation Chair University of California, Los Angeles
Wenbo Zou2016 Dissertation Co-Chair Assistant Professor, Nankai University

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