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Recently Published Papers

Boucher, S., M.R. Carter, T. Lybbert, J. Malacarne, P. Marenya and L. Paul (forthcoming). “Bundling Genetic and Financial Technologies for More Resilient and Productive Small-scale AgricultureEconomic Journal.

Carter, M.R. (2022). “Can Digitally-enabled Financial Instruments Secure an Inclusive Agricultural Transformation?Agricultural Economics.
Carter, M.R. (2023). “Climate Change & Vulnerability: Can Index Insurance Meet the Challenge?Revue d´Économie du Développment.

Bird, S., M.R. Carter, T. Lybbert, M. Mathenge, T. Njagi and Emilia Tjernström (2022). “Filing a Niche: The Impacts of a Local Seed Company on Maize Productivity in Kenya,” Journal of Development Economics 157.


Kenduiywo, B.K., Michael R. Carter, Aniruddha Ghosh, and Robert J. Hijman (2021). “Evaluating the Quality of Remote Sensing Products for Agricultural Index Insurance.,” PLOS One.

Stoeffler, Q., M.R. Carter, C. Guirkinger and W. Gelade (2021). “The spillover impact of index insurance on agricultural investment by cotton farmers in Burkina Faso,” World Bank Economic Review.

Benami, E,  and M.R, Carter (2021). "Can Digital Technologies Reshape Rural Microfinance? Implications for Savings, Credit and Insurance," Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy.

Benami, E., Z. Jin, M.R. Carter, A. Ghosh, R.J. Hijmans, A. Hobbs, B. Kenduiywo and D. Lobell (2021). “Uniting Advances in Remote Sensing: Crop Modeling & Economics for Agricultural Risk Management," Nature Reviews: Earth and Enviornoment.

Janzen, Sarah, Michael R Carter and Munenobu Ikegami (2021). "Can Insurance Alter Poverty Dynamics and Reduce the Cost of Social Protection in Developing Countries?" Journal of Risk and Insurance.

Carter, Michael R., Rachid Laajaj and Dean Yang (2021). "Subsidies and the African Green Revolution: Direct Effects and Social Network Spillovers of Randomized Input Subsidies in Mozambique," American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Barrett, Christopher and M.R. Carter (2020). “Finding our balance? Revisiting the randomization revolution in development economics ten years further on,” World Development.

Serfilippi, Elena, M.R. Carter and C. Guirkinger (2019). “Insurance Contracts when Farmers “Greatly Value” Certainty,Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Flatnes, Jon Einar and M.R. Carter (2019). “A little skin in the microfinance game: Reducing moral hazard in joint liability group lending through a mandatory collateral requirement,” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Jenson, N. , A. Mude, A. Vrieling, C. Atzberger, F., M. R. Carter, M. Meroni and Q. Stoeffler (2019). “Does the design matter? Comparing satellite-based indices for insuring pastoralists against drought,” Ecological Economics.

Carter, M.R. and P. Toledo and E. Tjernström (2019). “Heterogeneous Impact Dynamics of a Rural Business Development Program in Nicaragua,” Journal of Development Economics.

Carter, M.R. and A. Michuda (2019). “The Distribution of Productive Assets and the Economics of Rural Development and Poverty Reduction” in M. Nissanke and J. Ocampo eds., The Palgrave Handbook of Development Economics (Springer).

Janzen, S. and M.R. Carter (2019). “After the Drought: The Impact of Microinsurance on Consumption Smoothing and Asset Protection,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Ikegami, M., M.R. Carter, C.B. Barrett, and S. Janzen (2019). ”Poverty Traps and the Social Protection Paradox,” in C. Barrett, M.R. Carter and J.-P. Chavas (eds) The Economics of Poverty Traps (University of Chicago Press & NBER).

Barret, C.B., M.R. Carter and J.-P. Chavas (2019). "The Economics of Poverty Traps," in C. Barrett, M.R. Carter and J.-P. Chavas (eds) The Economics of Poverty Traps (University of Chicago Press & NBER).

Carter, M. R. and Sarah Janzen (2017). “Social Protection in the Face of Climate Change: Targeting Principles and Financing Mechanisms,Environment and Development Economics.

Morrow, J. and M.R. Carter (2017). “Learning about the Prospects for Mobility: Economic and Political Dynamics following Fundamental Policy Reform,” Journal of Public Economics.

Carter, M.R., A. de Janvry, E. Sadoulet and A. Sarris (2017). “Index Insurance for Developing Country Agriculture: A Reassessment,” Annual Review of Resource Economics 9:421-438.

Carter, Michael R. (2016). “What Farmers Want: The "Gustibus Multiplier” and other Behavioral Economic Insights on Agricultural Technology Adoption and Investment,” Agricultural Economics 47:85-96.

Carter, Michael R., Lan Cheng and Alexander Sarris (2016). “Where and How Index Insurance Can Boost the Adoption of Improved Agricultural Technologies,Journal of Development Economics.

Elabed, G. and M.R. Carter (2015). “Compound Risk Aversion, Ambiguity and the Willingness to Pay for Microinsurance,” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Carter, Michael R., Alain de Janvry, Elisabeth Sadoulet and Alexander Sarris (2015) “Assurance climatique indicielle pour les pays en développement,” Revue d´Économie du Développment, no. 1. (Available in English as “Index-based Weather Insurance for Developing Countries: A Review of Evidence and Propositions for Scaling-up,” FERDI Working Paper no. 112.)

Carter, M.R., Ghada Elabed and Elena Serfilippi (2015). “Behavioral economic insights on index insurance design,” Agricultural Finance Review 75(1).

Keswell, Malcolm and Michael R Carter (2014). "Poverty and Land Redistribution,” Journal of Development Economics 110:250-61.

Lybbert, Travis and Michael R. Carter (2015). "Bundling Drought Tolerance and Index Insurance to Reduce Rural Household Vulnerability to Drought," in Risk, Resources and Development: Foundations of Public Policy (Elsevier Press).

Barrett, C.B. and M.R. Carter (2013). “The Economics of Persistent Poverty and Poverty Traps: Empirical and Policy Implications,” Journal of Development Studies 39(7):976-90.

Carter, Michael R., Rachid Laajaj and Dean Yang (2013). "The Impact of Voucher Coupons on the Uptake of Fertlizer and Improved Seeds: Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Mozambique" American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Elabed, Ghada, Marc Bellemare, Michael R. Carter, and Catherine Guirkinger (2013). "Managing Basis Risk with Multi-scale Index Insurance," Agricultural Economics

Barrett, Christopher and Michael R. Carter (forthcoming). Retreat from Radical Skepticism: Rebalancing Theory, Observational Data and Randomization in Development Economics in D. Teele (ed.) Field Experiments and Their Critics (Yale University Press).

Tjernstrom, Emilia, Michael R. Carterand Patricia Toledo (2013). "Identifying the Impact Dynamics of a Small Farmer Development Scheme in Nicaragua," American Journal of Agricultural Economics .

Carter, Michael R. and Travis Lybbert (2012). "Consumption versus Asset Smoothing: Testing the Implications of Poverty Trap Theory in Burkina Faso," Journal of Development Economics.

Carter, M.R. (2012). "Designed for Development: Next Generation Approaches to Index Insurance for Smallholder Farmers," ILO/MunichRe Microinsurance Compendium, volume 2.

Chantarat , S., A. Mude, C. B. Barrett and M. R. Carter (2011). "Designing Index Based Livestock Insurance For Managing Asset Risk In Northern Kenya," Journal of Risk and Insurance.

Carter, Michael and Marco Castillo (2011). "Trustworthiness and Social Capital in South Africa: Analysis of Actual Living Standards Experiments and Artefactual Field Experiments." Economic Development and Cultural Change

Barrett, C. and M.R. Carter (2010). "The Power and Pitfalls of Experiments in Development Economics: Some Non-random Reflections," Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.

Barrett, C., M.R. Carter and P. Timmer (2010). "A Centennial Perspective on Agricultural Development," American Journal of Agricultural Economics 92(2):447-468.

Lybbert, T. C. B. Barrett, S. Boucher, M. R. Carter, S. Chantarat, F. Galarza, J. McPeak, and A. Mude (2010) "Dynamic Field Experiments in Development Economics: Risk Valuation in Morocco, Kenya, and Peru," Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 39(2):176-192.

Petrick, Martin and Michael R. Carter (2009). "Limited Horizons and the Persistence of Collective Farms in Post-Soviet Agriculture." European Review of Agricultural Economics

Carter, Michael and Menobu Ikegami (2008). "Looking Forward: Theory-based Measures of Chronic Poverty and Vulnerability," in R. Addison, D. Hulme and R. Kanbur (eds.) Poverty Dynamics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Oxford University Press).

Boucher, S., M.R. Carter and C. Guirkinger (2008), "Risk Rationing and Wealth Effects in Credit Markets." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90(2):409-423.

Carter, Michael, Francisco Galarza and Steve Boucher (forthcoming). "Underwriting Area-based Yield Insurance to Crowd-in Credit Demand and Supply," Savings and Development 3/2007.

Carter, M.R., J. May, J. Agüero, and S. Ravindranath (2008)."The Economic Impact of Premature Adult Mortality: Panel Data Evidence from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa" AIDS

Agüero, J., M.R. Carter and J. May (2007). "Poverty and Inequality in the First Decade of South Africa's Democracy: What can be learnt from Panel Data?" Journal of African Economies 16(5):782-812.

Carter, Michael (2007). "What Can We Learn from Asset Based Approaches to Poverty," in C. Moser (ed.) Reducing Global Poverty: The Case for Asset Accumulation (Broookings).

Fletschner, Diana and Michael Carter (2008). "Constructing and Reconstructing Gender: Reference Group Effects and Women's Demand for Entrepreneurial Capital." Journal of Social Economics 37(2): 672-693.

Carter, Michael, Peter Little, Tewodaj Mogues and W. Negatu (2007). "Poverty Traps and the Long-term Consequences of Natural Disasters in Ethiopia and Honduras," World Development 35(5):835-856.

Barrett, C.B. and M.R. Carter (2007). "Asset Thresholds and Social Protection" IDS Bulletin 38(3):34-38.

May, J., J. Agüero, M.R. Carter and I. Timaeus (2007). "The KwaZulu-Natal Income Dynamics Study (KIDS) 3rd wave: Methods, first findings and an agenda for future research," Development Southern Africa 24(5):629-648.

Carter, Michael and Christopher Barrett (2006). "The Economics of Poverty Traps and Persistent Poverty: An Asset-based Approach," Journal of Development Studies 42(2):178-199.

Adato, M., Carter, M. and J. May (2006). "Exploring Poverty Traps and Social Exclusion in South Africa using Quantitative and Qualitative Data," Journal of Development Studies, 42(2):226-247. Read the summary at the id21 development knowledge site

Barrett, C.B., M.R. Carter and P.D. Little (2006). "Understanding and Reducing Persistent Poverty in Africa: Introduction to A Special Issue, "Journal of Development Studies 42(2):167-177.

Mogues, Tewodaj and Michael Carter (2005). "Social Capital and the Reproduction of Inequality in Socially Polarized Economies," Journal of Economic Inequality 3:193-219.

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Moya, A. and M.R. Carter (2019). “Violence and the Formation of Hopelessness in Colombia,” World Development.

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