UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Student Collaborators

Student Collaborators
NameDegree Year
RelationshipCurrent Position
Albert Acquaye2000 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Matt Andersen2005 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Associate Professor, University of Wyoming

Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming
Joseph Balagtas2004 Co-Author Senior Economist, Council of Economic Advisers

Associate Professor, Purdue University
John Bovay2014 Co-Author Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
John Constantine1993 Dissertation Chair

Lecturer, University of California, Davis
John Crespi2000 Co-Author Professor, Iowa State University
Jeffrey Dorfman1989 Co-Author Professor, University of Georgia
Ken Foster1990 Co-Author  
Kate Fuller2012 Dissertation Co-Chair Assistant Professor/Extension Specialist, Montana State University
Jarrett Hart2019 Dissertation Chair Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Davis
Brian Hurd1992 Dissertation Chair

Jennifer James2000 Co-Author

Dissertation Chair
Professor, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Karen Jetter1998 Co-Author Associate Project Scientist, University of California, Davis
Songqing Jin2004 Dissertation Co-Chair

Associate Professor, Michigan State University
Jonathan Kaplan1999 Co-Author Professor, California State University, Sacramento
David Kennedy2007 Dissertation Chair Air Pollution Specialist, California Environmental Protection Agency
Joanna MacEwan2011 Dissertation Co-Chair Research Economist, Precision Health Economics, LLC

Director, Precision Health Economics, LLC
Mary McNally1993 Dissertation Co-Chair  
Erika Meng1997 Co-Author Economist (deceased), CIMMYT
Conner Mullally2011 Co-Author Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Abigail Okrent2010 Co-Author

Dissertation Co-Chair
Economist, United States Department of Agriculture
Daniel Pick1987 Co-Author Deputy Director of Research, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Nicholas Piggott1997 Co-Author

Dissertation Co-Chair
Associate Department Head, Department Extension Leader, Professor, North Carolina State University

Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
Zoë Plakias2016 Co-Author Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
Bradley Rickard2003 Co-Author Associate Professor, Cornell University
Monticha Sompolvorachai2009 Dissertation Co-Chair Lecturer, Miami University
William Sutton2001 Co-Author Lead Agricultural Economist, World Bank
Raymond Venner1997 Chair; Analyst, Pacific Gas & Electric
TJ Wyatt1998 Co-Author  
Mingxia Zhang1997 Co-Author CEO & Board Chairwoman, Beijing Huazhiaki Technologies

CEO & Board Member, OSSera, Inc.
Wei Zhang2013 Dissertation Chair Assistant Professor, Connecticut College

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