UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Recent Press Coverage

These are a few of the recent press articles featuring my research (and a couple favorite not-so-
recent ones)

LA Times: Born in the USA and Working in the Fields—What Gives?

USA Today: How Climate Change Could Drive Immigration to the United States from Mexico

The Independent: Welcoming refugees with plots of land and cash 'gives boost to localeconomy'

CBS News (video): Trump Threats, Minimum Wage, Overtime Hitting California Farmers Hard

African Business: New Research finds Humanitarian Assistance to Refugees boosts Uganda’s Economy

LA Times: As California's labor shortage grows, farmers race to replace workers with robots

Wall Street Journal: U.S., Mexico Increasingly Competing for Farm Labor

Fortune: Re-Thinking The Refugee Crisis

Fox News: Farmers fear even greater labor shortage under new Obama policy

CNBC: What's Really Behind the Decline in Mexican Farm Workers?

Voice of America: In Rwanda, Refugees Generate Income for Surrounding Communities

CBS News (video): Trump Threats, Minimum Wage, Overtime Hitting California Farmers Hard

Washington Post: We’re running out of farm workers. Immigration reform won’t help

Fresno Bee: As the farm labor force shrinks, some Mexican workers are being brought in. And they’re legal

Phys.org: Study reveals troubling loss in Mexico's maize genetic diversity

Smithsonian: Once Mexico Had a Wealth of Corn; Now It’s Left With a Genetically Boring Monocrop

The Economist: Shellshock. The Galapagos Islands Show the Mixed Blessings of Greenery

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