UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Research Interest Statement

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Environment: Sustainability, green national income accounting and welfare, efficient pricing of environmental and natural resources with stock externalities, optimal carbon taxation for global warming control, optimal timing of climate-change control policies, industry and welfare effects of environmental regulations, uncertain environmental regulations and pollution abatement investment, lobbying and environmental regulation, nonpoint source pollution and imperfect information, environmental and natural resource policy for sustainable development.

Natural resources: Sustainable soil management, nonrenewable resources and conservation: energy demand and supply modeling and estimation, economics of alternative energy sources and energy security, climate change and efficient pricing of fossil fuels, technological change and measures of natural resource scarcity, optimal natural resource taxation, optimal saving and investment policies for sustainable development of resource economies.

Development Economics

Optimal timing of technology adoption, poverty, employment value and resource extinction, economic policies for sustainability of resource-based economies, environmental quality and economic development, trade policy and productivity growth, economic reform (particularly price and foreign exchange liberalization) and safety net policy, foreign borrowing and development policy, international investment (long-term capital movements), international lending and external debt problem, international aid.

Country studies and World Bank operational experience: Africa (Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia), Latin America (Argentina, Mexico), Middle-East (Iran, U.A.E., Kuwait).

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