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Marketing of Fresh Produce

  1. Fundamental Forces Affecting U.S. Fresh Produce Growers and Marketers (January 2012)
  2. Fundamental Forces Affecting the U.S. Fresh Berry and Lettuce/Leafy Green Subsectors (January 2012)
  3. Marketing California's Agricultural Production (updated April 2004)
    (This publication is Chapter 4 in California Agriculture: Issues and Challenges, Giannini Foundation, University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2004.)
  4. Eye On Economics: Do the Math, Private labels add up (January 2012)
  5. The U.S. Fresh Produce Industry: An Industry in Transition
  6. The Lettuce/Leafy Greens Sector (June 2012)
  7. ERS/USDA Fruit and Vegetable Reports
    1. Grocery Retailer Behavior in the Procurement & Sale of Perishable Fresh Produce Commodities
    2. Competition in Fresh Produce Markets: An Empirical Analysis of Marketing Channel Performance
    3. Marketing Channels, Trade Practices, and Retail Pricing Behavior
    4. Recent Trends in the Fresh Tomato Market (June 2012)
  8. Consumption Trends
    1. Fresh-Cut/Value-added Produce Marketing Trends. Presented at the UC Davis Postharvest Technology Freshcut Workshop, September 15, 2016NEW! (updated September 2016)
      presented at the ISHS III International Conference on Fresh-cut Produce at UC Davis, September 2015
    2. The Economic Downturn: A Transformative Event for the U.S. Food Marketing System? (June 2013)
    3. Innovations in Home Meal Replacement
    4. Consumer Issues in Quality and SafetyNEW! (updated June 17, 2016)
      presentation for the UCD Postharvest Technology Short Course
    5. Tracking Demographics and U.S. Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Patterns (January 2012)
    6. PBH All Forms Health Brochure - June 2012
    7. Fresh Produce Industry Trends: Context for Key Ripening FruitsNEW! (updated April 2015)
    8. Perish the Thought!: Don't Miss Out on the Hottest Commodity Trends in the United States
    9. Changing Demographics, Trade Liberalization, and Supermarket Trends Transform the Global Fresh Produce MarketNEW! (June 2015)
  9. U.S. Produce and Food System Basics
    1. The Dynamic US Fresh Produce IndustryNEW! (updated, June 17, 2016)
    2. US Fresh Produce Value Chain, Dollar Sales (updated November 2011)
    3. US Food Retailing System OverviewNEW! (updated June 2015)
    4. Key trends in the fresh produce industry: opportunities and challenges (presented to SeedCentral, April 12, 2012)
    5. Produce 101: Overview of the Fresh Produce Marketing System (updated August 2014)
    6. Comments on the California Drought and the Impact on Fresh ProduceNew! (updated April 2015)
    7. Fresh Produce Marketing Challenges and Opportunities in Evermore Competitive MarketsNEW! (presented at SW Ag Summit Feb. 25, 2016)
  10. Institutional Aspects of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Systems
    1. U.S. Horticultural Trade Associations Phone Numbers
    2. References
    3. Table 1: Selected Characteristics of Fresh Produce Federal Marketing Orders and Checkoffs
    4. Table 2: Authorized Activities of California State Fresh Fruit and Marketing Programs
    5. Organic Produce and Agricultural Sustainability
      1. Growing Demand for Organic Produce in Japan
      2. Sustainability: A Consumer Perspective **presented at "A Greater Vision: What Does Ag Sustainability Mean On the Central Coast?" conference in Aptos, CA, May 2008**
    6. California Vegetable and Citrus: Production Trends and Implications for Labor Demand
      (tables corresponding to this paper are posted above in Item 5 under Marketing of Fresh Produce with three per capita consumption tables as subheadings)
    7. Globalization and Retail Consolidation (November 25, 2003)
    8. Relative Competitiveness Analysis (May 2010)
    9. Higher Learning: Ag universities steer a course for inustry success (October 2014)
  11. Tendencias del retail y su impacto en la categoría de aréndanos y berries en los EEUU
    (US Retail Tendencies: Implications for Blueberries and the Berry Category) (updated June 2012)
  12. The Consolidating US Food Distribution System: Implications for the Fresh Produce Industry (December 2, 2003)
  13. Production Ag in Transition-The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Sector
  14. Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures Under NAFTA: Concepts and Evidence and Figures
  15. U.S. Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Marketing: Emerging Trade Practices, Trends & Issues
  16. Understanding the Dynamics of Produce Markets: Consumption & Consolidation Grow
  17. Changing Dynamics in Produce Marketing
  18. La madre naturaleza, estrategias de negocios y los productos agricolas perecederos, Figura 1 & Figura 2
  19. Greenhouse Tomatoes Change the Dynamics of the North American Fresh Tomato Industry (April 2005)
  20. Growing Fresh Produce Use in Foodservice: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies
    **presented at the International Corporate Chef's Association (ICCA) - 6th Annual Summit in Portland, Oregon, June 2008**
  21. Update on the US Pear Industry
  22. The dynamic US berry sector (updated June 2012)
  23. California Avocado Industry Outlook (September 20,2003)
  24. The Emerging Market for California Blueberries (May 2003)
  25. Supermarket Challenges and Opportunities for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Producers and Shippers: Lessons from the US Experience (May 2004)
  26. Marketing and Fresh Produce in a Consolidating Food Distribution System, (DSL Mode) (56K Modem Mode) (June 2004)
  27. California Agriculture: Fruits of Biotechnology Struggle to Emerge (June 2004)
  28. World Asparagus Situation and Outlook (November 2004)
  29. Marketing Apples in a Global Environment challenges and Opportunities (November 2004)
  30. North American Greenhouse Tomatoes Emerge as a Major Market Force (Summary of full report posted as item 19 above) (April 2005)
  31. Overview of the Greenhouse (GH) Vegetable Industry: Focus on Tomatoes (September 2006)
  32. Worldwide Changes in Food Marketing Affect Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Implications for Plasticulture (2005)
  33. Canadian Greenhouse Tomato Industry (2005)
  34. Food Safety: Issues and Strategies for Efficient Risk Reduction (2008)
  35. Supermarket Challenges and Opportunities for Producers and Shippers: US Experience (2005)
  36. Fresh Tomato Production and Marketing Trends in the N. American MarketNEW! (April 2015)

U.S.-Mexico Bilateral Trade

  1. NAFTA At 11: Impact on the California Fresh Produce Industry (April 2005)
  2. La estructura comercial de las hortalizas mexicanas en el suroeste de Estados Unidos: frontera con Nogales (May 2005)
  3. Mexico's Agricultural Export Sector: Focus on Fresh Produce (updated May 2011)
  4. The Evolving Bilateral U.S.-Mexico Horticultural Trading Relationship: Trends and Issues
  5. Update on U.S.-Mexico Bilateral Fresh Produce Trade
  6. U.S.-Mexico Bilateral Agricultural Trade: Detailed U.S.-Mexico Bilateral Food and Ag Trade, 1990-1996
    1. Crops
    2. Livestock/Seafood
    3. Processed Foods
  7. How New Technology and Market Access is Increasing the Role of Mexico in Global Produce Trade (December 2014) Presentation made at the Global Trade Symposium of the New York City Produce Show)
  8. NAFTA Creates Biggest Free Trade Agreement in the WorldNEW! (March 2016)
  9. The Ins and Outs of Cross-Border Sourcing from Mexico and MoreNEW! (March 2016)

Immigration and Agriculture, articles in the AAEA's Choices (July 2012)

Selected U.S. Fruit and Vegetable Exports to Mexico

  1. California Peach/Nectarine and Plum Export to Mexico Data and Graph
  2. An Assessment of Potential Economic Impacts of Mexican Avocado Imports on the California Industry
  3. Nafta: Neither Villian Nor Savior
  4. U.S. Mexican Bilateral Horticultural Trade Trends Under NAFTA
  5. Working Under Contract for the Vegetable Agroindustry in Mexica: A Means of Survival

Selected International Trade Information

  1. The Evolving Global Marketplace for Fruits and Vegetables (December 2, 2003)
  2. FAS Quarterly Reference Guide To World Horticultural Trade, 2004 Charts Edition (November 2004)
  3. Fruit and Vegetable Markets Monthly Address Write to them for more info.
  4. Free Trade Agreements Now Abound In Our Hemisphere!
  5. Latin American Trade Data
    1. Intraregional and Total Exports
    2. Mercosur Highlights
  6. Extra-EU Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Trade
  7. Food Safety: Imports vs. Domestic Produce
  8. Recent Horticultural Trade Trends, including U.S. Mexico Trade
  9. International Trade & Food Safety: Economic Theory & Case Studies
  10. The Global Economic Downturn and Fresh Produce Marketing Trends (November 2011)

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