UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Disaggregated Economic Modelling Methods

Journal Articles

Harou, J.J., M.P. Velazquez, D.E. Rosenberg, J. Medellín-Azuara, J.R. Lund, and R.E. Howitt. "Hydro-Economic Models: Concepts, Design, Applications, and Future Prospects." Journal of Hydrology 375(2009):627-643.

Murphy, J.J., A. Dinar, R.E. Howitt, S.J. Rassenti, V.L. Smith, and M. Weinberg. "The Design of Water Markets When Instream Flows Have Value." Journal of Environmental Management 90(2009):1089-1096.

Msangi, S. and R.E. Howitt. "Income Distributional Effects of Using Market-Based Instruments for Managing Common Property Resources." Agricultural Economics 37(s1)(2007):249-259.

Howitt, R.E., S. Msangi, A. Reynaud, and K.C. Knapp. "Estimating Intertemporal Preferences for Natural Resource Allocation." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 87(4)(2005):969-983.

Kaplan, J.D., R.E. Howitt, and Y.H. Farzin. "An Information-Theoretical Analysis of Budget-Constrained Nonpoint Source Pollution Control." Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 46(1)(2003):106-130.

Howitt, R.E. and A. Reynaud. "Spatial Disaggregation of Agricultural Production Data by Maximum Entropy." European Review of Agricultural Economics 30(3)(2003):359-387.

Books and Book Chapters

Murphy, J.J., A. Dinar, R.E. Howitt, E. Mastrangelo, S.J. Rassenti, and V.L. Smith. "Mechanisms for Addressing Third-Party Impacts Resulting from Voluntary Water Transfers." Using Experimental Methods in Environmental and Resource Economics. J.A. List, ed., pp.91-112. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2006.

Working Papers

Howitt, R.E. and A. Reynaud. "Dynamic Land Use. Data Disaggregation to Field-level Using Maximum Entropy."

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