UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Working Papers

European Association of Agricultural Economists - 2008 Fellows

Robust Estimators of Errors-In-Variables Models: Part I

A Primal-Dual Estimator of Production and Cost Functions Within an Errors-in-Variables Context (with Michael R. Caputo).

An Atemporal Microeconomic Theory and an Empirical Test of Price-Induced Technical Progress (with Michael R. Caputo).

Dynamic Positive Equilibrium Problem

Mele: Maximum Entropy Leuven Estimators

A Recurrent Utility Function of Fictitious Generality (with Michael R. Caputo) (pdf file)

The Economic Record versus AER: Twenty Six Years Ahead on the Money-Goods Model (with Michael R. Caputo) (pdf file)

Sensitivity of the GME Estimates to Support Bounds (with Michael R. Caputo) (pdf file)

Comparative Statics of Money-Goods Specifications of the Utility Function (with Michael R. Caputo) (pdf file)

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