UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Elephant Workshop Proceedings

Proceedings from the Workshop on Cooperative Regional Wildlife Management in Southern Africa


University of California, Davis
August 13-14, 1998

Table of Contents



List of Participants

Jon Barnes: Economic Influences on Elephant Management in Southern Africa

Jonas Chafota: Effects of Changes in Elephant Densities on the Environment and Other Species: How Much Do We Know?

Bill Hamilton: Elephants - Some Possible Fallacies

Bill Sutton: The Costs of Living With Elephants in Namibia

Greg Hertzler: The Importance of Modeling the Age Structure of Elephant Populations

Jonathan D. Kaplan: What Policies Will Determine the Long-Run Success or Failure of Wildlife Management in Southern Africa?

Lovell S. Jarvis and Douglas M. Larson: International and Regional Issues in African Wildlife Management

Lynette A. Hart and Caitlin E. O'Connell: Human Conflict with African and Asian Elephants and Associated Conservation Dilemmas

Douglas M. Larson and Lovell S. Jarvis: Toward A Parks Pricing Policy for Namibia

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