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Research Interest Statement

A major focus of my research has been associated with the various issues, needs and problems of the academic community and the public concerning dairy production, marketing, consumption and policy, including dairy marketing and policy in an international context. Other research interests include agricultural and natural resource policy, biotechnology, technological change, and public policy issues.


Of the various aspects of research concerning the dairy industry, recent research has focused on risk management strategies for the dairy industry, organic milk production and marketing, adoption of rbST and related technologies, and dairy marketing in Europe and Russia. Other research includes pricing policies in California, futures and options for milk, and volatility and profitability (including cost of production) in the dairy and related feed industries.


Much of my work in biotechnology focuses on two main issues: adoption and diffusion of new biotechnologies (particularly rbST for dairy, and enhanced crops), and intellectual property rights issues in plant genetic resources. Current research includes examining the various issues surrounding intellectual property rights and their interaction with WTO mechanisms.

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