UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Selected Publications

The Red Edge: Demand Enhancing Strategies for California Strawberries (with Colin A. Carter and Rachael E. Goodhue). Chap. 11 in The Economics of Commodity Promotion Programs: Lessons from California, Kaiser, Alston, Crespi and Sexton, eds., Peter Lang, New York, 2005: 225-253.

Grocery Retailer Behavior in Perishable Fresh Produce Procurement (with Richard J. Sexton and Mingxia Zhang). Special issue, Retailer Strategies in the Food Marketing Chain, Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization 3 (2005): 1-21.

Marketing Orders, Grading Errors, and Price Discrimination (with Richard J. Sexton). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 84(1) (2002): 53-66.

Grocery Retailer Behavior in the Procurement and Sale of Perishable fresh produce commodities Procurement (with Richard J. Sexton and Mingxia Zhang). Contractors and cooperators report no. 2, Washington, DC, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service. 48 pp. 2003.

The Methyl Bromide Ban: Economic Impacts on the California Strawberry Industry (with Colin A. Carter, Rachael E. Goodhue, Frank M. Han, and Massimiliano DeSantis). Review of Agricultural Economics 27(2) (2005): 181-197.

The California Table Grape Commission's Promotion Program: An Evaluation (with Julian M. Alston, Jason E. Christian, Erika Meng, and Nicholas E. Piggott). Giannini Foundation Monograph No. 43, University of California, Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics, 1997.

Portfolio Choices in the Presence of Other Risks (with Israel Finkelshtain). Management Science 39 (1993): 925-936.

Consumer Demand Analysis According to GARP (with Julian M. Alston). Northeastern Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 16 (1992): 125-139.

Unstable Models from Incorrect Forms (with Julian M. Alston). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 73 (1991): 1171-1181.

Marketed Surplus Under Risk: Do Peasants Agree with Sandmo? (with Israel Finkelshtain). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 73 (1991): 557-567.

Can We Take the Con Out of Meat Demand Studies? (with Julian M. Alston). Western Journal of Agricultural Economics 16 (1991): 36-48.

Evaluating Prior Beliefs in a Demand System: The Case of Meats Demand in Canada (with Richard Gray and Kenneth White). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 73 (1991): 476-490.

The Changing Empirical Definition of Money: Estimates from a Model of the Demand for Money Substitutes (with Michael T. Belongia). Journal of Political Economy (April 1989).

Accounting for Changes in Tastes (with Julian M. Alston). Journal of Political Economy (April 1988).

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