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Selected Publications

Major Books

Essentials of Applied Econometrics (with Aaron D. Smith). Oakland: University of California Press (in press).

Beyond Experiments in Development Economics: Local Economy-wide Impact Evaluation (with Mateusz Filipski). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014.

RebelText: Essentials of Development Economics (with Travis Lybbert). Berkeley: Arc Light Books and RebelText, 2012 (Second Edition soon to be published by the University of California Press; www.rebeltext.org).

RebelText: Essentials of Econometrics (with Aaron Smith and Abbie Turiansky). Berkeley: Arc Light Books and RebelText, 2012 (www.rebeltext.org).

Village Economies. The Design, Estimation and Use of Villagewide Economic Models (with Irma Adelman). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. (New edition in paperback.)

The New Rural Poverty—Agriculture and Immigration in California (with P.L. Martin and M. Fix). Washington, DC: The Urban Institute Press, 2006.

Worlds in Motion: Understanding International Migration at the End of the Millennium (with D. S. Massey, J. Arango, G. Hugo, A. Kouaouci, and A. Pellegrino). New York: Oxford University Press, 2005. (New edition in paperback.)

International Migration: Prospects and Policies in a Global Market (with D.S. Massey). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004.

Recent Journal Articles (a complete list is on my CV)

“Harnessing Cross-border Resources to Confront Climate Change” (Aburto-Oropeza, O., Ramírez-Valedez, A., 94 coauthors in alphabetical order, and Taylor, J.E (Senior author). Environmental Science and Policy (in press).

"Climate Change and Labor Allocation in Rural Mexico: Evidence from Annual Fluctuations in Weather" (with Katrina Jessoe and Dale Manning). The Economic Journal, 2016.

"Economic Life in Refugee Camps" (with Mohamad Alloush, Anubhab Gupta, Ruben Irvin Rojas Valdes, and Ernesto Gonzalez-Estrada). World Development 95: 334-347, 2017.

"Is Technology Change Good for Cotton Farmers? A Local-economy Analysis from the Tanzania Lake Zone" (with Anubhab Gupta, Justin Kagin, Mateusz Filipski, Lindi Hlanze, and James Foster). European Review of Agricultural Economics, 2017.

"Research: Refugees Can Bolster a Region’s Economy." Harvard Business Review, October 5, 2016.

"General Equilibrium Tragedy of the Commons" (with Dale T. Manning and James E. Wilen). Environmental and Resource Economics, pp.1-27, 2016.

"The Economic Impact of Refugees" (with Mateusz Filipski, Mohamad Alloush, Anubhab Gupta, Irvin Rojas, and Ernesto Gonzalez. PNAS—Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (in press).

"A Declining Farm Workforce: Analysis of Panel Data from Rural Mexico" (with Diane Charlton). American Journal of Agricultural Economics (in press).

"Inverse Productivity or Inverse Efficiency? Evidence from Mexico" (with Justin Kagin and Antonio Yúnez-Naude). Journal of Development Studies (in press).

"The Race to Secure Sustainable Seafood from Developing Countries" (with Gabriel S. Sampson, James N. Sanchirico, Cathy A. Roheim, Simon Bush, Edward H. Allison, James L. Anderson, Natalie Ban, Rod Fujita8, Stacy Jupiter, and Jono R. Wilson). Science 348(6234):504-506, May 1, 2015.

"Genetic Erosion at Maize's Center of Origin" (with George Dyer, Alejandro Lopez-Feldman, and Antono Yúnez-Naude). PNAS—Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (in press).

"Effects of Treatment Beyond the Treated: A General Equilibrium Impact Evaluation of Lesothos’s Cash Grants Program." Agricultural Economics (in press).

"Migration and Fuel Use in Rural Mexico" (with Dale Manning). Ecological Economics (in press).

"Market Integration and Natural Resource Use in Developing Countries: A Linked Agrarian-Resource Economy in Northern Honduras" (with Dale Manning and James E. Wilen). Environment and Development Economics 19(2):133-155.

"Modeling the Welfare Implications of Agricultural Policies in Developing Countries" (with Erik Jonasson, Mateusz Filipski, and Jonathan Brooks). Journal of Policy Modeling 36:63-82, 2014.

"Agricultural Spillover Effects of Cash Transfers: What Does LEWIE Have to Say?" (with Mateusz Filipski, Karen Thome, Justin Kagin, and Benjamin Davis). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 95(5):1338-1344 (October 2013).

"Mexicans Are Leaving Farm Work: What Does It Mean for U.S. Agriculture and Immigration Policy?" (with Diane Charlton). Agricultural and Resource Economics Update 16(4): 1-4, 2013.

"The End of Farm Labor Abundance" (with Diane Charlton and Antonio Yúnez-Naude). Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy34(4):587-598, 2012.

"Stuck on stubble? The Non-market Value of Agricultural Byproducts for Diversified Farmers in Morocco" (with Nicholas Magnan and Douglas M. Larson). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 94(5): 1055-1069, 2012.

"A Simulation Impact Evaluation of Rural Income Transfers in Malawi and Ghana" (with Mateusz Filipski). Journal of Development Effectiveness Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 109-129, 2012.

"Transforming Rural Economies: Migration, Income Generation and Inequality in Rural Mexico" (with Aslihan Arslan). Journal of Development Studies 48(8):1156-1176, 2011.

"Immigration and the Farm Labor Supply" (with Steve Boucher, Aaron Smith, Peri L. Fletcher and Antonio Yúnez-Naude). Migration Letters Volume: 9, No: 1, pp. 87 – 99, 2011.

"Impacts of the Corn Price Surge in Rural Mexico" (with George A. Dyer). World Development 39(10):1878-1887, 2011 (November).

"Effects of Free Trade on Women and Immigrants: CAFTA and the Rural Dominican Republic" (with Mateusz Filipski and Siwa Msangi). World Development 39(10):1862-1877, 2011 (November).

"Natural Resource Dependence in Rural Mexico" (with Alejandro López-Feldman and Antonio Yúnez-Naude). Investigación Económica LXX (278):23-44, 2011.

"Health Care Reform and Farm Women’s Off-Farm Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Taiwan" (with Pei-An Liu). Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 35(2):281-298, 2010.

"Agricultural Labor and Migration Policy." Annual Review of Resource Economics 2:369–93, 2010

"Does Migration Make Rural Households More Productive? Evidence from Mexico" (with Alejandro Lopez-Feldman). Journal of Development Studies 46(1):68-90, 2010 (January)

"Does Agricultural Trade Liberalization Reduce Rural Welfare in Developing Countries? The Case of CAFTA" (with Antonio Yúnez-Naude and Nancy Jesurun-Clements). Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 32(1):95-116, 2010

"Farmers' Subjective Valuation of Subsistence Crops: The Case of Traditional Maize in Mexico" (with Aslihan Arslan). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91(4):895-909, 2009

"A Gain with a Drain? Evidence from Rural Mexico on the New Economics of the Brain Drain," (with Stephen R. Boucher and Oded Stark), in János Kornai, László Mátyás, and Gérard Roland (eds.), The Political Economy of Productive Factors. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (in press).

"Dispersal of Transgenes through Maize Seed Systems in Mexico" (with George A. Dyer, Antonio Serratos, Hugo Perales, Paul Gepts, Alma Piñeyro-Nelson, Angeles Chávez, Noé Salinas-Arreortua, Antonio Yúnez-Naude, J. Edward Taylor, and Elena R. Alvarez-Buylla). PLoS One (Public Library of Science), May 29, 2009

"Is Off-farm Income Reforming the Farm? Evidence from Mexico" (with Lisa Pfeiffer and Alejandro Lopez-Feldman). Agricultural Economics 42(2):125-138, 2009

"Labor Allocation to Non-timber Extraction in a Mexican Rainforest Community" (with Alejandro Lopez-Feldman). Journal of Forest Economics 15: 205–221, 2009

"Migration and the Sending Economy: A Disaggregated Rural Economy-wide Analysis" (with George Dyer). Journal of Development Studies 45(6):966–989, July 2009

"Remittances, Inequality and Poverty: Evidence from Rural Mexico" (with Jorge Mora, Richard Adams, and Alejandro López-Feldman). In Migration and Development Within and Across Borders: Research and Policy Perspectives on Internal and International Migration, eds. Josh DeWind and Jennifer Holdaway. Geneva: International Organization for Migration, pp. 101-130, 2008

"Ecotourism and Economic Growth in the Galapagos: An Island Economy-wide Analysis" (with Jared Hardner and Micki Stewart). Environment and Development Economics 14(2):139-62, 2009

"Migration and Income Diversification—Evidence from Burkina Faso" (with Fleur Wouterse). World Development 36(4): 625-640, 2008.

"Valuing the Numismatic Legacy of Alexander the Great." The Celator 22(1):6-27, January 2008.

"A Crop Population Perspective on Maize Seed Systems in Mexico" (with George Dyer). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 105(2):470-475, January 15, 2008.

"Gender in Economic Research on International Migration: A Critical Review" (with Lisa Pfeiffer, Susan Richter, and Peri Fletcher). Chapter 2 in A.R. Morrison, M. Schiff and M. Sjöblom, eds., The International Migration of Women, pp. 11-50. New York: Palgrave Macmillan and The World Bank, 2008.

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