UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Emeritus Faculty

Steven C. Blank

Cooperative Extension Specialist Emeritus

Financial Management, Risk and Decision-Making, Risk Management Tools, Management Methods

Leslie (Bees) Butler


Cooperative Extension Specialist and Lecturer Emeritus

Dairy Production, Marketing and Policy, Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy, Biotechnology, Technological Change, Public Policy Issues

Hoy Carman

Professor Emeritus

Agricultural Marketing, Managerial Economics, Economic Aspects of Taxation

Roberta Cook

Cooperative Extension Specialist and Lecturer Emerita

Food Distribution, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Marketing, Consumer Demand Trends, International Competition and Trade, Mexican Horticultural Industry, Food Safety

Y. Hossein Farzin

Professor Emeritus

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Development Economics, Energy Economics, Microeconomic Theory

ARE 100A: Intermediate Microeconomics
ARE 175: Natural Resource Economics
ARE 176: Environmental Economics
ARE 215D: Environment and Economic Development (Ph.D.)
ARE 275: Economic Analysis of Resource and Environmental Policies (M.S.)

B. Delworth Gardner

Professor Emeritus

Richard Green

Professor Emeritus

Econometrics, Demand Analysis, Advertising and Promotion

ARE 100A: Intermediate Microeconomics
ARE 106: Econometric Theory and Applications
ARE 239: Econometric Foundations (Ph.D.)
ARE 256A: Applied Econometrics I (M.S.)

Shermain Hardesty

Cooperative Extension Specialist and Lecturer Emerita

Values-based food supply chains, value-added foods, agritourism, food safety compliance costs, cooperatives, and identifying marketing and specialty crop opportunities for smaller-scale farmers.

ARE 132: Cooperative Business Enterprises

Arthur Havenner

Professor Emeritus

Econometrics, Finance, Forecasting, Time Series Analysis, Optimal Control

Richard Howitt

Professor Emeritus

Resource Economics, Environmental Economics, Quantitative Methods, Econometrics, Operations Research

Lovell Jarvis

Professor Emeritus; Director, Blum Center for Developing Economies

Economic Development

ARE 15: Population, Environment and World Agriculture
ARE 214: Development Economics (M.S.)

Warren Johnston

Professor Emeritus

Economic and Resource Structures of Agricultural Systems, Commercial Agriculture, Land and Water Resources Economics, Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy, Aquacultural Systems, Economic Reforms in Market Economies

Desmond A. Jolly

Cooperative Extension Economist Emeritus

Douglas Larson

Professor Emeritus

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Nonmarket Valuation, Risk and Uncertainty, Microeconomic Theory, Applied Welfare Economics, Commercial Fisheries Policy

ARE 100B: Intermediate Microeconomics
ARE 202B: Applied Microeconomics I (Ph.D.)
ARE 202C: Research Design for Applied Microeconomics (Ph.D.)
ARE 276A: Environmental Economics (Ph.D.)

Hyunok Lee

Researcher Emerita

Production Economics, Economics of California Agriculture

Samuel H. Logan

Professor Emeritus

Philip Martin

Professor Emeritus; Editor, Migration News and Rural Migration News; Chair, UC Comparative Immigration & Integration Program

Immigration, Farm Labor, Economic Development

ARE 100B: Intermediate Microeconomics
ARE 150: Agricultural Labor
ARE 194HA: Special Study for Honors Students
ARE 194HB: Special Study for Honors Students

Alex McCalla

Professor Emeritus

Agricultural policy, International Trade, Agricultural and Economic Development, World Food Policy, Global Food Security

ARE 222: International Agricultural Trade and Policy (M.S.)

Chester McCorkle


Professor Emeritus

Refugio I. Rochin

Professor Emeritus

Lawrence E. Shepard

Senior Lecturer S.O.E. Emeritus

James Wilen

Professor Emeritus

Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Economics

ARE 202A: Introduction to Applied Research Methods (Ph.D.)
ARE 254: Dynamic Optimization with Economic Applications (Ph.D.)
ARE 277: Natural Resource Economics (Ph.D.)

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