UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics



"Generalized Changes-in-Changes using Dependence Stability" (with Desire Kedagni and Ismael Mourifie)

"Selection and Parallel Trends" (with Pedro Sant'Anna and Kaspar Wuthrich)

"Correcting Attrition Bias using Changes-in-Changes" (with Sarojini Hirshleifer, Desire Kedagni and Karen Ortiz-Becerra) Revision requested at Journal of Econometrics 

"Testing Attrition Bias in Field Experiments" (with Sarojini Hirshleifer and Karen Ortiz-Becerra) CEGA Working Paper No.93  Revision requested at Journal of Human Resources Stata Ado File on Github

"A James-Stein-type Adjustment to Bias Correction in Fixed Effects Panel ModelsEconometric Reviews, 2021, 1-19.

"Testing Identifying Assumptions in Nonseparable Panel Data Models," Journal of Econometrics, 197(2), April 2017.

"Forecasting Conditional Probabilities of Binary Outcomes under Misspecification," (with Graham Elliott and Fabian Krueger) Review of Economics and Statistics, 98(4), October 2016.

EconometricsEnvironmental Economics

"Threshold Manipulation and Lead Monitoring in U.S. Drinking Water" (with Tihitina Andarge, David Keiser and Gabriel Lade)

"On Model Selection Criteria for Climate Change Impact Studies" (with Xiaomeng Cui, Bulat Gafarov and Todd Kuffner) Revision submitted to Journal of Econometrics

"What are the Benefits of High-frequency Data for Fixed Effects Panel Models?" (with Aaron Smith) Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economits, 2021, 8:2. Winnter of the 2021 Ralph C. d'Arge and Alen v. Kneese Award for Outstanding Publication in JAERE.

"Causality in Structural Vector Autoregressions: Science or Sorcery?" (with Aaron Smith) American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2021, 1-24.

"A Censored Maximum Likelihood Approach to Quantifying Manipulation in China's Air Pollution Data" (with Shu Shen and Junjie Zhang), Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2020, 7:5, 965-1003.  Ado Files and Demonstration Data on Github

"Identifying the Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture,"(with Colin Carter, Xiaomeng Cui and Pierre Merel), Annual Review of Resource Economics, 10:361-380, October 2018.

"Stage-specific, Nonlinear Surface Ozone Damage to Rice Production in China," (with Colin Carter, Xiaomeng Cui, Aijun Ding, Fei Jiang, Fujin Yi, and Funing Zhong), Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, 7:44224, March 2017.

"Effortless Perfection: Do Chinese Cities Manipulate Air Pollution Data," (with Junjie Zhang) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (Lead Article), 68(2), September 2014. Summary on a Chinese blog


"Discussion: Models as Approximations" (with Todd Kuffner) Statistical Science 34 (4),  p. 604-605, 2019.

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