UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Student Collaborators

Student Collaborators
NameDegree Year
RelationshipCurrent Position
Michael Adjemian2009 Co-Author Senior Economist, The White House
Pian Chen2007 Dissertation Co-Chair Principal Economist, Monument Economics Group
Nathan Hendricks2011 Co-Author Associate Professor, Kansas State University
Joseph Janzen2013 Dissertation Co-Chair Assistant Professor, University of Illinois
Gabriel Lade2015 Dissertation Co-Chair Assistant Professor and Economist, Macalester College
Joanna MacEwan2011 Dissertation Co-Chair Research Economist, Precision Health Economics, LLC

Director, Precision Health Economics, LLC
Pierre Mérel2007 Co-Author Professor, University of California, Davis
Matthieu Stigler2019 Dissertation Chair Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Hiroaki Suenaga2005 Co-Author Research Fellow, Curtin University of Technology, Sydney
Emily Wimberger2011 Co-Author Climate Economist, Rhodium Group

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