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Recent Dissertations

Recent Dissertation Titles
Javier ParadaNoneAccess to modern markets and the impacts of rural road rehabilitation
Ted Gilliland2017Small-scale Fisheries Management and Poverty in Developing Countries: A Bioeconomic General Equilibrium Approach
Asare Twum-Barima2017Heterogeneous Consumption and Labor Market Adjustments to Birth Events in Ghana
Felipe Dizon2016The Adoption and Impacts of Risk Management Innovations in the Context of Networks
Amanda Faig2016Genetics and Fisheries Management
Jacob Marder2016The Underpinnings of the 2011 Rare Earth Metals Speculative Price Bubble and its Aftermath on the Industry
Gabriel Sampson2016Scale and Organizational Economies in the Fishery
Eliana Zeballos2016Catching up or Pulling Down? Experimental Evidence on Interpersonal Comparisons, Effort, and Destructive Actions Among Dairy Farmers in Bolivia
Wenbo Zou2016Intrahousehold Bargaining Dynamics: Consumption, Production and Investment in Children's Nutrition
Justin Beaudoin2015Essays on Urban Transportation Investment and Regulation
Jon Einar Flatnes2015Three essays on contract design in microfinance and microinsurance
Gabriel Lade2015The Economics of US Renewable Fuel Policies
Kassahun Melesse2015Essays on the microeconomics of technology adoption
Jay Abolofia2014Bioeconomics of a Common Property Pest: Parasitic Sea Lice and Farmed Salmonids
Lan Cheng2014Essays on the Interaction between Index Insurance and Rural Credit Markets
Derek Farnsworth2014Perspectives on California Berry Production: Labor Availability, Pest Management, and Trade Restrictions
Scott McNiven2014Networks and Constraints on the Diffusion of a Biofortified Agricultural Technology: Evidence from a Partial Population Experiment
Jean Paul Pétraud2014Risk Mitigation Strategies in Rural Areas of Developing Countries
Joeri de Wit2013The Economics of California's Geysers Geothermal Steam Field
Cloé Garnache2013The Joint Production of Ecosystem Services on Agricultural Land
Peter Howard2013The Economics of Climate Change at the Local Level: The Case of Shifting Oak Habitat Range in the Tulare Lake Basin
Sunny Jardine2013The Economics of Marketing Cooperatives in Fisheries
Dale Manning2013Microeconomic Linkages between Natural Resource Sectors and other Sectors in Developing Economies
Haeng Ku Yoon2013Economic Implications of Fish Conservation throughWater Management in the Southern Delta: An Application to the Winter-RunChinook salmon
Wei Zhang2013Effects of Environmental Regulations on the Dairy Industry in California
Katherine Adams2012Three Essays on the Economics of Maternal and Early Childhood Undernutrition: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Nutrition Trial in Ghana
Santiago Bucaram2012Analysis of the Fishing Behavior among Fishing Units of Production (FUPs) from the Galapagos Islands: The Case of the Red Spiny Lobster Fishery
Kate Fuller2012The Economics of Pierce's Disease in the California Winegrape Industry
Duncan MacEwan2012Estimating Crop Rotations as Dynamic Cycles using Geo-Referenced Field Data
Andrés Moya2012The Long-Run Economic Consequences of Violence: Forced Displacement, Economic Behavior and Chronic Poverty in Colombia
Matthew Reimer2012Revisiting the Fishery Production Function: Space, Time, and Policy Invariant Relationships
Karen Thome2012Three Essays on the Growth of Agroindustry and Changing Commodity Markets: Industrial Organization Approaches
Amelia Blanke2011Measuring Drought Resistance: A State-Contingent Evaluation of In Situ Drought Resistant Wheat and Maize in Northern China
David Corderi2011The Economics of Water Infrastructure Investments in the Dong Nai River Delta
Christopher Gustafson2011Experimental Analysis of Willingness to Pay for Attributes of Wine: Integration of Economics and Sensory Science
Nathan Hendricks2011The Dynamics and Spatial Heterogeneity of Crop Acreage Response to Price: Problems of Aggregation and Pooling
Conner Mullally2011Three Essays on Program Evaluation in Agricultural Development
Joanna Parks2011The Effects of the Food Stamp Program on Energy Balance and Obesity
Kimberly Singer Babiarz2011Health Care Reform in Rural China: The Impact on Individuals and Primary Care Providers
Emily Wimberger2011From Detection Through Repair: Vehicle Emissions Testing
Navin Yavapolkul2011Three essays on the International Orange Juice Market
Fujin Yi2011Three Essays on Biofuel Feedstock Supply and Processing Plant Investment
James Barrett2010The Impact of Transportation Infrastructure on the Value of Time
Antoine Champetier2010The Bioeconomics of Pollination in Agriculture
Mateusz Filipski2010Rural Economywide Modeling in Developing Countries: Three Essays
Kelly Grogan2010Spatial Externalities in Pest Management: Examining the Effects of Differing Management Types
Yoko Kusunose2010Drought Risk and Vulnerability of Moroccan Dryland Wheat Farmers
Chenguang Li2010Retail Pricing Behavior for Produce Products in the US with Implications for Farmer Welfare
Nicholas Magnan2010Three Essays on Crop and Technology Choice in Morocco
Abigail Okrent2010The Effects of Farm Commodity and Retail Food Policies on Obesity and Economic Welfare in the United States
Sandhyarani Patlolla2010Agricultural Policies and the Indian Sugar Industry: Impacts and Unintended Consequences
Sharon Shewmake2010Can Carpooling Clean the Air? The Economics of HOV Lanes, Hybrids Cars and the Clean Air Act
Richard Volpe2010Price and Promotional Patterns at Major US Supermarkets
Michael Adjemian2009Using Spatial Econometrics to Estimate Consumer Interdependence in Vehicle Choice with Multilevel Data
Henry An2009Agricultural Technology Disadoption: Dairy Producers and rbST
Kelly Cobourn2009Designing Effective Pest Management Institutions in the Presence of Producer Heterogeneity and Treatment Externalities
Kiara Corrigan2009Regulation of Spatial Externalities: The Case of California Pesticide Policy
Rebecca Epanchin-Niell2009Spatial-dynamics, Micro-behavior, and Control of Biological Invasions
Russell Gorddard2009Modeling Profit-Maximizing Land-Allocation Behavior
Kristiana Hansen2009Three Essays on Contractual Mechanisms to Manage Water Supply Risk in the Western United States
David Heres del Valle2009Essays on the Comparison of Climate Change Policies: Land Use Regulations, Taxes, and Tradable Permits
Sang Gon Jeon2009Effects of Domestic Market Power on Implications of Reduced Trade Barriers: Application on Korean Dairy
Sébastien Pouliot2009Food traceability and incentives for food safety and quality
Aslihan Arslan2008Farmers' Subjective Valuation of Subsistence Crops: The Case of Traditional Maize in Mexico
Meera Bhatia2008Incentives for Investing in Check-Dams: Evaluating the impacts of Changes in Irrigation Water Supply on Heterogeneous Farmers in Northern India
Jennifer Bond2008New Perspectives on Performance Evaluation of Agriculture Producer Organizations
Steve Liao2008Taiwan's National Health Insurance and the Labor Force Participation Decisions of Married Women
Chengfang Liu2008Policy Reforms, Governance, and the Provision of Public Goods and Services in Rural China
Lisa Pfeiffer2008Three Essays on the Economics of Groundwater Extraction for Agriculture: Property Rights, Externalities, and Policy
Susan M. Richter2008Remittances, Dynamics, and Dramas: The Role of Remittances in the Household Demand and Supply for Credit
Carlo Russo2008Modeling and Measuring the Structure of the Agrifood Chain: Market Power, Policy Incidence and Cooperative Efficiency
Monticha Sompolvorachai2008Enhanced Land Rights, Access to Credit and Farm Investment: An Evaluation of the Assets Capitalization Program in Thailand
Micki Stewart2008Of Fish and Men: An Economic Analysis of the Galapagos Marine Reserve Resources Management Plan
Aya Suzuki2008Three Essays on Agricultural Marketing in Developing Countries: An Industrial Organization Approach
Jennifer Thompson2008Misunderstood Markets: The Case of California Gasoline
Julie Witcover2008Shaping Land Use Along an Agricultural Frontier: A Dynamic Household Model for Early Small-Scale Settlers in the Brazilian Amazon
David Zetland2008Conflict and Cooperation within an Organization: a Case Study of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Joshua Abbott2007Spatial and Strategic Aspects of Fisheries Bycatch
Jose Cancino2007Bioeconomic Supply and Imperfect Competition: The Case of the North Pacific Halibut Industry
Rosa Catala-Luque2007Carbon Sequestration Supply For Yolo: A Spatial Approach
Pian Chen2007Modeling High Dimensional Economic Systems
David Kennedy2007An Economic Analysis of the Human Health Impacts of Antibiotic Use in Food Animal Production and the Demand For Antibiotic-Free Meat
Lan Li2007Retailer Pricing Behavior for a Fresh Produce Commodity: The Case of Avocados
Pierre Mérel2007Three Essays on Supply Control Policies in Protected Designations of Origin
Yuko Onozaka2007Three Essays on Consumers' Preferences for Fresh Organic Produce
Hirotsugu Uchida2007Fishery co-management: Case of Japanese fisheries
Rocío Uría2007Spatial and Intertemporal Arbitrage in the California Natural Gas Transportation and Storage Market
Jian Zhang2007Three Essays of Off-Farm Self-Employment, Government Regulation and Political Rents in Rural China
Byeongil Ahn2006Market Power and Policy in the U.S. Dairy Industry
Craig Bond2006Time and Tradeoffs in Agroecosystem Environments: Essays on Natural Resource Use and Sustainability
Catherine Guirkinger2006Risk, wealth and sectoral choice in rural credit market
Katherine Guirkinger2006Risk and the Structure of Rural Credit Markets
Caroline Gunning-Trant2006Ad Infinitum: The Use and Impact of NAFTA Trade Remedy Law
Quiqiong Huang2006Water Pricing Policy in Rural China
Krista Jacobs2006Nutrition Interventions in Northern Ghana: Determinants of Participation and Impacts on Knowledge and Practice
Gorm Kipperberg2006Pro-Environmental Behavior and Preferences: Empirical Investigations of Consumer Recycling
Kent Kovacs2006Natural Amenity Benefits and the Residential Development Market
Alejandro Lopez-Feldman2006Rural Households, Natural Resources and Poverty: Three Essays on the Economics of Extraction in the Lacandona Rainforest, Mexico
Gregory McKee2006Pesticide Resistance, Population Dynamics, and Invasive Species Management
Fangbin Qiao2006Refuge Policies to Manage the Resistance of Pest Population to Genetically Modified (GM) Crops
Deborah Salon2006Cars and the City: An Investigation of Transportation and Residential Location Choices in New York City
Danielle Torres2006Three Essays on Agricultural Industries: Market Structure and Export Performance in Brazil, and Orange Juice Demand in the United States
Emi Uchida2006Forest Ecosystem Services from Multiple Stands: Implication for the Logging Ban in China
Matt Andersen2005Pro-Cyclical Productivity Patterns in U.S. Agriculture
Min Chang2005The Effect of Grain Trade Liberization on Food Security of Grain Farm Households in China
Guillaume Gruère2005Labeling Policies and International Trade of Genetically Modified Food
Yun-shik Kim2005Net Benefits of the Adoption of Tong-il Rice in Korea
Xianghong Li2005Agricultural Tariff Rate Quotas: Impacts on Market Access
Hiroaki Suenaga2005Spot-Forward Price Relationships in Restructured Electricity Markets
Santhi Wicks2005Optimal Sustainable Agricultural Technologies: An Empirical Analysis of California Cover Cropping
Joseph Balagtas2004New Perspectives on the Economics of Milk Marketing Orders: Rent Dissipation through Endogenous Quality
Sheila Desai2004Pooling Economic Data: Grouping Individuals into Households
Dafna DiSegni2004The Economics of the Allocation of Tradable Pollution Rights
Himawan Hariyoga2004An Economic Analysis of Factors Affecting the Failure of an Agricultural Marketing Cooperative: The Bankruptcy of Tri Valley Growers
Songqing Jin2004Production Technology and Technology Production: The Economics of Crop Breeding in China
Hyejung Kang2004Consolidation and Productivity in Korean Agriculture: Analysis of Farm-Level Panel Data
Mimako Kobayashi2004Livestock Production in Transition Economies: The Case of Kazakhstan
Sandeep Mohapatra2004Complementarities, Constraints and Contracts : Incentive Design and Occupational Choice in China
Siwa Msangi2004Managing Groundwater in the Presence of Asymmetry: Three Essays
Marcelo Torres2004Production and Distribution Cost Economies in Water Firms: A Multiproduct Cost Model Incorporating Input Rigidities and Spatial Variables
Tian Xia2004Cattle, Contracts, and Grocery Retailers: Three Essays on Industrial Organization in Agricultural Markets
Corinne Alexander2003The Role of Seed Company Information in Price Competition, and Farmers' Planting Decisions
Jing Chen2003Economic Development and the Evolution of Backyard Livestock Production: A Case Study of Hog Production in China
Sandra Gonzalez2003Economic Impacts of Federal Farm Assistance Programs Upon Regional CA Economics
Frank Han2003Seasonal and Weekly Price Determination in a Market for Perishables: An Econometric Model of the California Strawberry Industry
Bradley Rickard2003Domestic Support and Border Measures For Vertically Linked and Differentiated Goods: An Examination of EU Policy in the Processing Tomato Industry
Kristen Ward2003Evaluating Producer Response to Water Policies in Agriculture: The Role of Input Substitution, Spatial Heterogeneity and Input Quality
Alan de Brauw2002Three Essays on Migration, Education, and Household Development in Rural China
George Dyer Leal2002The Cost of in situ Conservation of Maize Landraces in the Sierra Norte De Puebla, Mexico
Daniel Lew2002Valuing Recreation, Time, and Water Quality Improvements Using Non-Market Valuation: An Application to San Diego Beaches
Holly Liu2002Market-Making Behavior in Futures Market
Jeffery David McDonald2002Obtaining a Measure of Acreage Response That Is Transferable across Policy Regimes: An Application to U.S. Rice
Derek Berwald2001The Market Impact of Managed Futures
James Eaves2001Searching For Walras: An Analysis of the Tokyo Grain Exchange Auctions
Ronald Felthoven2001The Measurement of Capacity, Utilization, and Economic Performance: An Application to North Pacific Groundfish Fisheries
Nathalie Lavoie2001Price Discrimination in the Context of Vertical Differentiation: An Application to Canadian Wheat Exports
Leonard Peyton2001Environmental Justice in High-Tech Industries: The Distribution of Environmental Hazards across Population Sub-Groups
Cesar Revoredo2001Storage and Commodity Price Behavior
Martin Smith2001Spatial Behavior, Marine Reserves, and the Northern California Red Sea Urchin Fishery
Bill Sutton2001The Economics of Elephant Management in Namibia
Humei Wang2001On the Design of the EEP Bonus Allocation Mechanism
Alper Yilmaz2001Essays On Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Trade
Albert Acquaye2000Parametric and Non-Parametric Measures of State-Level Productivity Growth and Technical Change in U.S. Agriculture: 1949-1991
Eidan Apelbaum2000Three Essays on the Competition between National Brand and Private Label Food Products
John Crespi2000Genetic Commodity Promotion and Product Differentiation
Lorraine Egan Marsh2000Policy Uncertainty, Asset Value and Resource Exploitation: The Case of Federal Grazing Permits
Jennifer James2000Quality Responses to Commodity Policies
Bryan Lohmar2000The Effects of Land Tenure and Grain Quota Policies on Farm Household Labor Allocation in China
Dawn Parker2000Edge-Effect Externalities: Theoretical and Empirical Implications of Spatial Heterogeneity
Jukka Peltola2000Three Approaches To Mathematical Models For Finnish Natural Resource Management
Luca Salvatici2000Aggregate Indicators of Trade Distortions: Applications to the European Union Common Agricultural Policy
M. Eric Van Dusen2000In Situ Conservation of Crop Genetic Resources in the Mexican Milpa System
Marc Carey1999The Value of Transferable Permits in Environmental Compliance: The Case of Tradable Rice Straw Burn Credits in the Sacramento Valley
Andrew Estrin1999Local Fiscal Bias, Grain Self-Sufficiency Policies, and Rural Production Efficiency in China
Ereney Hadjigeorgalis1999Private Water Markets in Agriculture and the Effects of Risk, Uncertainty, and Institutional Constraints
Daniel Hallstrom1999Climate Fluctuations and Improved Climate Information in International Grain Markets
Adrienne Kandel1999Instrumented Decomposition : A New Method to Estimate the Net Energy Savings Caused by Efficient Appliance Rebate Programs
Jonathan Kaplan1999Nonpoint Source Pollution Control, Incomplete Information and Learning: An Entropy Approach
James Murphy1999Incorporating Instream Flow Demands into a Water Market
Sabina Shaikh1999Modeling Time and Money Constrained Recreation Demand: The Case of California Gray Whale-Watching
David Sosa1999Market Failure in Sandard Setting: The Case of AM Stereo
Norbert Wilson1999An Investigation of Policy Risk : The California Dairy Quota Program
Samuel Benin1998Intrahousehold Allocation of Labor Among the Matrilineal Akan of Ghana
Stephen Hampton1998Examination of Deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa at the Household Farm Level
Shi-Ling Hsu1998Model of Environmental Compromise between Regulators and Landowners under the Endangered Species Act
Karen Jetter1998Estimating Household Willingness-to-Pay for Urban Environmental Amenities from a Combined Contingent Valuation / Contingent Ranking Survey (1998)
Raymond Olsson1998Oilseeds Trade Dispute between the United States and the European Community
James Sanchirico1998Bioeconomics of Spatial and Intertemporal Exploitation: Implications for Management
TJ Wyatt1998Investment in Erosion Control by Malagasy Farmers of the Hautes Terres
Keith Ed Casey, Jr1997Assessing the Impacts of Individual Transferable Quotas in the North Pacific Halibut Fishery
Mark Evans1997Analysis of Vessel Performance and Mobility in the California Commercial Salmon Fishery
Erika Meng1997Land Allocation Decisions and in situ Conservation of Crop Genetic Resources: The Case of Wheat Landraces in Turkey
Nicholas Piggott1997Benefits and Costs of Generic Advertising of Agricultural Commodities
Raymond Venner1997Economic Analysis of the U.S. Plant Variety Protection Act: The Case of Wheat
Christopher A. Wolf1997Measuring and Explaining Dairy Farm Size Distributions
Mingxia Zhang1997Three Essays on Imperfect Competition in Agricultural Market Sexton

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