UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Job Candidates

Jesus Arellano Gonzalez


Ph.D. Student

Environmental Economics, Climate Change Economics, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics

Dissertation Chairs:  Katrina Jessoe, J. Edward Taylor

Pierce Donovan

Ph.D. Expected in 2020

Environmental and Species Conservation, Viable Control Theory, Dynamic Optimization

Dissertation Chair:  Michael Springborn

Matthew Gammans


Ph.D. Student

Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Applied Econometrics

Dissertation Chair:  Pierre Mérel

Kevin Nakolan


Ph.D. Student

Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Natural Resource Economics, Industrial Organization

Tor Tolhurst

Ph.D. Expected in 2020

Economics of food, agriculture, and the environment; econometrics.

Dissertation Chair:  Rachael Goodhue

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