UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Job Candidates

Gerardo Francisco Aragon Castano

Ph.D. Expected in 2017

Environmental Economics, Labor Economics and Agricultural Economics

Dissertation Chair:  Katrina Jessoe

Xinzhe Huang Cheng

Ph.D. Expected in May 2017

Economics of Food and Nutrition, Consumer Economics, US Food and Nutrition Policy, Applied Econometrics

Dissertation Chair:  Tim Beatty

Georgi T. Gabrielyan

Ph.D. Expected in June 2017

International Agricultural Trade, Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organisation

Dissertation Chair:  Daniel Sumner

Ted Gilliland


Ph.D. Expected in July 2017

Natural Resource Economics, Development Economics

Dissertation Chair:  James Sanchirico

Kajal Gulati

Ph.D. Expected in 2017

Development Economics, Labor Economics, Experimental Economics

Dissertation Chair:  Travis J. Lybbert

Jacob Humber

Ph.D. Student

Environmental and Natural Resource, Agricultural Input Markets and Econometrics

Dissertation Chair:  James Bushnell

Javier Parada


Ph.D. Student

Development Economics

Dissertation Chair:  Michael Carter

K. Aleks Schaefer

Ph.D. Expected in 2017

National and International Agricultural Policy, Law and Economics, Industrial Organization, Global Health

Dissertation Chair:  Rachael Goodhue

Daniel Scheitrum

Ph.D. Expected in June 2017

Energy Economics, Agricultural Economics, Commodities, Futures Markets

Dissertation Chair:  Colin Carter

Asare Twum-Barima

Ph.D. Expected in December 2016

Development economics, maternal and early childhood nutrition, intertemporal household consumption decisions

Dissertation Chair:  Travis J. Lybbert

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