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M.S./M.B.A. Joint Program

This joint program enables students to obtain both an M.B.A. in the Graduate School of Management and an M.S. in Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) in three years.  Students complete the full requirements of the M.B.A. and of the Plan II M.S. in ARE.  A maximum of 12 units may be counted towards both degrees.  Since the Plan II M.S. in ARE requires 36 units and the M.B.A. requires 72 units, the total number of units required by the joint degree ranges from 96 to 108.

Agricultural & Resource Economics M.S.

Under Plan II, 36 units of upper-division and graduate course work and a comprehensive written examination are required. At least 24 of the 36 units must be in graduate courses in the major field. No more than six units may be in 299-numbered research courses.


Core Required Courses

Under either plan, students complete a common set of core requirements in microeconomic theory and applications (ARE 204A, ARE 204B, ARE 258), econometrics (ARE 256A, ARE 256B), and mathematical programming (ARE 252).

Restricted Elective Courses

Students are also required to take at least two restricted elective courses, of which one is offered in each of the three main economics and policy research fields of the department: development economics (ARE 214), economics in agriculture (ARE 223), and environmental and resource economics (ARE 275).

Unrestricted Elective Courses

Remaining courses to complete the required total of 30 or 36 units may be elected from other graduate courses or upper division undergraduate courses that meet the general program objectives of the student. (Allowable upper division courses do not include core undergraduate courses, e.g., ARE 100A-B, 106, 155 or their prerequisites.) Up to six units of courses in other disciplines may be included in the program, as appropriate.

Comprehensive Written Exam

The requirement to pass the comprehensive written examination under Plan II is separate from and additional to coursework requirements. Two attempts are allowed. Students may take this examination before they have completed their elective courses but not before they have completed their core required courses. A student may petition the Graduate Administrative Committee to request an exception to this policy. Such petitions should be submitted before the 10th day of instruction of the Spring Quarter.

Graduate School of Management M.B.A


Core Courses (11 courses, 33 units). The M.B.A. core requires 33 units of coursework (11 courses, each 3 units). In the first year of the M.B.A program, students take the first nine courses listed below.  During the second year, students complete a required two-course sequence in project development (MGT 240A and 240B). The full list of core courses is as follows:

  • MGT 200A: Financial Accounting
  • MGT 201A: Individual and Group Dynamics
  • MGT 201B: Organizational Strategy and Structure
  • MGT 202A: Markets and the Firm
  • MGT 203A: Data Analysis for Managers
  • MGT 204: Marketing Management
  • MGT 205: Financial Theory and Policy
  • MGT 252: Managing for Operational Excellence
  • MGT 268: Articulation and Critical Thinking
  • MGT 240A: Project Management I
  • MGT 240B: Project Management II

Elective Courses (27 units). Students must complete a total of 27 elective units.  The number of courses required to complete these units will depend on the number of ARE units counted towards both degrees.  If no ARE units are counted towards the M.B.A degree, then students must complete 9 elective GSM courses at 3 units each.  If the maximum of 12 units from ARE are counted towards the M.B.A. degree, then students must complete 5 elective GSM courses at 3 units each.  A full listing of the GSM elective courses as well as additional information regarding the requirements of the M.B. A degree may be found on the GSM website.

Timing of Coursework

The total time required to complete the joint program is three years.  Students typically complete the two programs sequentially with the order being chosen by the student in consultation with their academic advisors.  Thus a student either completes all ARE requirements in year one and the M.B.A. requirements in years two and three or reverses the order and completes the M.B.A. requirements in years one and two and the ARE requirements in year three.

The table below presents a typical program for a student completing the ARE requirements in year on and the B.B. A. requirements in years two and three.  In this example, the student takes 7 elective in the GSM, for a total of 21 units, and thus would need to count at least 6 ARE units towards both degrees.  This could be accomplished, for example, by counting ARE 222 (4 units) and ARE 275 (4 units) towards both degrees.

Typical Timeline for Joint M.S./M.B.A Student

Year One (Complete Plan II M.S. in ARE)
ARE 204AARE 204BARE 258MS Comprehensive Exam
ARE 256AARE 256BARE 275
ARE 223ARE 252ARE 214
Year Two (First year of M.B.A.)
MGT 200AMGT 201BMGT 201A
MGT 202AMGT 204MGT 252Internship
MGT 203AMGT 205MGT Elective
MGT 268A
Year Three (Second year of M.B.A.)
MGT 240AMGT 240BMGT 201A
MGT ElectiveMGT ElectiveMGT Elective
MGT ElectiveMGT ElectiveMGT Elective

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