UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Recent Publications

minimod: An Open Source Python Package to Evaluate the Cost Effectiveness of Micronutrient Intervention Programs

A. Michuda, K. Ortiz-Becerra, K. Adams, M. Jarvis, H. Somda, … S. Vosti, et al. Current Developments in Nutrition (2022) 6 Supplement 1.

Untapped potential: leak reduction is the most cost-effective urban water management tool

A. Rupiper, J. Weill, E. Bruno, K. Jessoe and F. Loge. Environmental Research Letters (2022) 17 (3).

Economic impacts of food safety incidents in a modern supply chain: E. coli in the romaine lettuce industry

A. Spalding, R.E. Goodhue, K. Kiesel, R.J. Sexton. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2022) August.

Incorporating human behaviour into Earth system modelling

B. Beckage, F.C. Moore, and K. Lacasse. Nature Human Behavior (2022) 6: 1493-1502.

Biodiversity mediates ecosystem sensitivity to climate variability

B.F. Oliveira, F.C. Moore, and X. Dong. Communications Biology (2022) 5 (628).

Supply chain disruptions and containerized agricultural exports from California ports

C.A. Carter, S. Steinbach, and X. Zhuang. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (2022) July.

Environmental Policy in General Equilibrium: New Insights from a Canonical Model

C. Garnache and P. Mérel. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2022) 9 (1).

Land-use emissions embodied in international trade

C. Hong, H. Zhao, Y. Qin, J.A. Burney, J. Pongratz, … F.C. Moore, et al. Science (2022) 376 (6593).

The impact of recreational use and access on biotic and abiotic disturbances on areas protected by local communities and a state conservation agency

C. Stachowiak, B.J. Crain, K. Kroetz, J.N Sanchirico, and P.R. Armsworth. Journal of Nature Conservation (2022) 68.

EU milk quota abolition, dairy expansion, and greenhouse gas emissions

D. Läpple, C.A. Carter, and C. Buckley. Agricultural Economics (2022) 53 (1): 125-142.

Connecting the food and agriculture sector to nutrition interventions for improved health outcomes

E. Duncan, L. Ashton, A.R. Abdulai, T. Sawadogo-Lewis, S.E. King, ... S. Vosti, et al. Food Security (2022) February.

Determinants of emissions pathways in the coupled climate–social system

F.C. Moore, K. Lacasse, K.J. Mach, Y. Ah Shin, L.J. Gross, and B. Beckage. Nature (2022) 603: 103-111.

Nutrition modeling tools: a qualitative study of influence on policy decision making and determining factors

F. Knight, M.W. Bourassa, H. Wells, S. de Pee, S. Vosti, et al. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences (2022) April.

Earth stewardship: Shaping a sustainable future through interacting policy and norm shifts

F.S. Chapin, E.U. Weber, E.M. Bennett, R. Biggs, … J. Wilen, et al. Ambio (2022) April.

Hourly accounting of carbon emissions from electricity consumption

G.J. Miller, K. Novan, and A. Jenn. Environmental Research Letters (2022) 17 (4).

Basis risk in the pasture, rangeland, and forage insurance program: Evidence from California

J.B. Keller and T.L. Saitone. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2022) January.

Work Effort and Work Requirements for Food Assistance among U.S. Adults

J. Cuffey, T.K.M. Beatty, and E. Mykerezi. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2022) 104 (1): 294-317.

Estimated Consumption of Discretionary Salt and Salt From Bouillon Among Households, Women, and Children in the Northern Region of Ghana: CoMIT Project

J. Davis, S. Kumordzie, C. Arnold, X. Tan, E. Becher, … S. Vosti, et al. Current Developments in Nutrition (2022) 6 Supplement 1.

Amphibian collapses increased malaria incidence in Central America

J.R. Springborn, J.A. Weill, K.R. Lips, R. Ibáñez, and A. Ghosh. Environmental Research Letters (2022) 17 (10).

Competing farm programs: Does the introduction of a risk management program reduce the enrollment in the Conservation Reserve Program?

J. Yu, B. Goodrich, and A. Graven. Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (2022) September.

Catch More to Catch Less: Estimating Timing Choice as Dynamic Bycatch Avoidance Behavior

K. Abe, C.M. Anderson, and M.N. Reimer. Environmental and Resource Economics (2022) June.

Balancing Bees and Pest Management: Projected Costs of Proposed Bee-Protective Neonicotinoid Regulation in California

K. Mace, J. Rudder, R. Goodhue, T. Tolhurst, D. Tregeagle, H. Wei, et al. Journal of Economic Entemology (2022) 115 (1).

Comprehensive Evidence Implies a Higher Social Cost of CO2

K. Rennert, F. Errickson, B.C. Prest, L. Rennels, R.G. Newell, … F.C. Moore, et al. Nature (2022) September.

An index number approach to estimating organic price premia at retail

M. Çakır, T.K. M. Beatty, M.A. Boland, Q.Li, T.A. Park, and Y. Wang. Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (2022) April.

A local general‐equilibrium emergency response modeling approach for sub‐Saharan Africa

M. Filipski, A. Gupta, J. Kagin, A. Husain, A. Grinspun, ... J. E. Taylor, et al. Agricultural Economics (2022) 53 (1): 72-89.

The Transition from Small to Large Farms in Developing Economies: A Welfare Analysis

M. Ma, J. Lin, and R.J. Sexton. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2022) 104 (1): 111-133.

Can digitally-enabled financial instruments secure an inclusive agricultural transformation?

M.R. Carter. Agricultural Economics (2022) September.

Association between prenatal provision of lipid-based nutrient supplements and caesarean delivery: Findings from a randomised controlled trial in Malawi

M. Salenius, J. Pyykkö, U. Ashorn, K.G. Dewey, A. Gondwe, ... Stephen A. Vosti, et al. Maternal & Child Nutrition (2022) July.

Band Steaming for Weed and Disease Control in Leafy Greens and Carrots

N. Guerra, S.A. Fennimore, M.C. Siemens, and R.E. Goodhue. HortScience (2022) 57 (11): 1453-1459.

The effects of agricultural policy on supply and productivity: Evidence from differential changes in distortions

N.P. Hendricks, A. Smith, N.B. Villoria, and M. Stigler. Agricultural Economics (2022) September.

Proposed changes to the H-2A program would affect labor costs in the United States and California

P.L. Martin and Z. Rutledge. California Agriculture (2022) 75 (3).

Combining epidemiology and economics to assess control of a viral endemic animal disease: Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)

P. Valdes-Donoso and L.S. Jarvis. PLoS One (2022) 17 (9).

From Handshakes to Blockchains: Economic Analysis of Contracts in Agriculture

R.E. Goodhue. In H. de Gorter, J. McCluskey, J. Swinnen, and D. Zilberman (Eds.), Modern Agricultural and Resource Economics and Policy (2022) Springer.

Can Legal Weed Win?: The Blunt Realities of Cannabis Economics

R. Goldstein and D.A. Sumner. Can Legal Weed Win? (2022) University of California Press.

Can hope elevate microfinance? Evidence from Oaxaca, Mexico

R.I. Rojas Valdes, B. Wydick, and T.J. Lybbert. Oxford Economic Papers (2022) 74 (1): 236-264.

Acceptability of Multiple Micronutrient-Fortified Bouillon Cubes Among Women in 2 Districts in the Northern Regio

S. Kumordzie, R. Wessells, E. Becher, J. Davis, C. Arnold, … S. Vosti, et al. Current Developments in Nutrition (2022) 6 Supplement 1.

Estimating the Costs of Alternative Large-Scale Food Fortification Programs in Burkina Faso: A MINIMOD Tool for Informing Policy Discussions

S. Vosti, M. Jarvis, Q. Johnson, J. Some, H. Somda, A. Tarini, et al. Current Developments in Nutrition (2022) 6 Supplement 1.

A Bioeconomic Local General Equilibrium Assessment of Distributional Consequences of Small-Scale Fisheries Reform in Developing Countries

T.E. Gilliland, J.N. Sanchirico, and J.E. Taylor. Marine Resource Economics (2022) March.

Environmental outcomes of the US Renewable Fuel Standard

T.J. Lark, N.P. Hendricks, A. Smith, N. Pates, S.A. Spawn-Lee, M. Bougie, et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2022) 119 (9).

Impacts of Electronic Benefit Transfer on the Women, Infants, and Children Program: Evidence from Oklahoma

X. Li, T.L. Saitone, and R.J. Sexton. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (2022) 47 (2): 373-389.

Net-zero commitments could limit warming to below 2 °C

Z. Hausfather and F.C. Moore. Nature (2022) 604.

Farm labor supply and fruit and vegetable production

Z. Rutledge and P. Mérel. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2022) August.

Agricultural Labor Supply

A.E. Hill, I. Ornelas, and J.E. Taylor. Annual Review of Resource Economics (2021) 13: 39-64.

Economic Impacts of the COVID−19 Lockdown in a Remittance‐Dependent Region

A. Gupta, H. Zhu, M.K. Doan, A. Michuda, and B. Majumder. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2021) 103 (2): 466-485.

Predicting Net Returns of Organic and Conventional Strawberry Following Soil Disinfestation with Steam or Steam Plus Additives

A. Michuda, R.E. Goodhue, M. Hoffmann, and S.A. Fennimore. Agronomy (2021) 11 (1).

Assessing Data Adequacy for Determining Utility-Specific Water Loss Reduction Standards

A.M. Rupiper, M.S. Guilliams, M.M. Bush, K.K. Jessoe, F.J. Loge. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Mangement (2021) 147 (8).

Predicted Effects and Cost-Effectiveness of Wheat Flour Fortification for Reducing Micronutrient Deficiencies, Maternal Anemia, and Neural Tube Defects in Yaoundé and Douala …

A. Noshirvan, B. Wu, H. Luo, J. Kagin, S.A. Vosti, A. Ndjebayi, et al. Food and Nutrition Bulletin (2021) 42 (4): 551-566.

Use and non-use value of nature and the social cost of carbon

B.A. Bastien-Olvera and F.C. Moore. Nature Sustainability (2021) 4: 101-108.

Citizens of local jurisdictions enhance plant community preservation through ballot initiatives and voter-driven conservation efforts

B.J. Crain, C. Stachowiak, P.F. McKenzie, J.N. Sanchirico, K. Kroetz, et al. Ambio: A Journal of Environment and Society (2021).

Evaluating the quality of remote sensing products for agricultural index insurance

B.K. Kenduiywo, M.R. Carter, A. Ghosh, and R.J. Hijmans. PLoS One (2021) October.

Commercial fisheries & local economies

B. Watson, M.N. Reimer, M. Guettabi, and A. Haynie. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2021) 106.

Raising cane: Hedging calamity in Australian sugar

C.A.Carter, K.A. Schaefer, and D. Scheitrum. Journal of Commodity Markets (2021) 21.

Piecemeal Farm Regulation and the U.S. Commerce Clause

C.A. Carter, K.A. Shaefer, and D. Scheitrum. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2021) 103 (2): 1141-1163.

Economics of Marine Resources in the Global South—Meeting the Challenge of Agenda 2030

C. Chávez, H. Eggert, and M. Reimer. Marine Resource Economics (2021) 36 (4).

Contests for shares of an uncertain resource

C. Decka, E.L. Howe, M. Reimer, J. Alevy, and K. Borash. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2021) 107.

Within-Person Variation in Nutrient Intakes across Populations and Settings: Implications for the Use of External Estimates in Modeling Usual Nutrient Intake Distributions

C.D. French, J.E. Arsenault, C.D. Arnold, D. Haile, H. Luo, ... S.A. Vosti, et al. Advances in Nutrition (2021) 12 (2): 429-451.

Out-of-pocket costs and time spent attending antenatal care services: a case study of pregnant women in selected rural communities in Zinder, Niger

C.T. Ouédraogo, S.A. Vosti, K. R. Wessells, C.D. Arnold, M.T. Faye, and S.Y. Hess. BMC Health Services Research (2021) 21 (47).

Heat stress on agricultural workers exacerbates crop impacts of climate change

C.Z. de Lima, J.R. Buzan, and F.C. Moore. Environmental Research Letters (2021) 16.

Impact of COVID-19 and the lockdowns on labor-intensive produce markets, with implication for hired farm labor

D.A. Sumner. Choices (2021) 36 (3): 1-11.

A Half Century of US Agricultural Policy and Trade

D.A. Sumner. In D. Blandford and S. Tengermann (Eds.), Current Issues in Global Agricultural and Trade Policy: Essays in Honour of Timothy E Josling (2021) World Scientific.

A James-Stein-type adjustment to bias correction in fixed effects panel models

D. Ghanem. Econometrics Reviews (2021) November.

Causality in structural vector autoregressions: Science or sorcery?

D. Ghanem and A. Smith. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2021) October.

What are the Benefits of High-frequency Data for Fixed Effects Panel Models?

D. Ghanem and A. Smith. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2021) 8 (2).

Economic and social feasibility pilot of ethanol fuel for clean cooking in upland Sierra Leone

D.K. Armstrong, M. Kailie, A. Sulay Koroma, M. Kailie, P. Nasielski, T. Lybbert, et al. Development in Practice (2021) August.

Dietary Consumption Patterns and Their Predictors Among Young Children in Northern Ghana

E. Becher, J. Davis, S. Kumordzie, K.R. Wessells, ... K. Adams, S. Vosti, et al. Current Developments in Nutrition (2021) 5 Supplement 2.

Can digital technologies reshape rural microfinance? Implications for savings, credit, & insurance

E. Benami and M.R. Carter. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (2021) 43 (4): 1196-1220.

Uniting remote sensing, crop modelling and economics for agricultural risk management

E. Benami, Z. Jin, M.R. Carter, A. Ghosh, R.J. Hijmans, A. Hobbs, et al. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment (2021) 2: 140-159.

Missing markets: Evidence on agricultural groundwater demand from volumetric pricing

E.M. Bruno and K. Jessoe. Journal of Public Economics (2021) 196.

Using Price Elasticities of Water Demand to Inform Policy

E.M. Bruno and K. Jessoe. Annual Review of Resource Economics (2021) 13.

Learning by (virtually) doing: experimentation and belief updating in smallholder agriculture

E. Tjernström, T.J. Lybbert, R. Frattarola Hernández, J.S. Correa. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2021) 189: 28-50.

Noah's Ark in a Warming World: Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss and Public Adaptation Costs in the United States

F. Moore, A. Stokes, M. Conte, and X. Dong. Noah's Ark in a Warming World: Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss and Public Adaptation Costs in the United States (2021) July.

Eight priorities for calculating the social cost of carbon

G. Wagner, D. Anthoff, M. Cropper, S. Dietz, K.T. Gillingham, … F.C. Moore, et al. Nature (2021) 590.

Protected area, easement, and rental contract data reveal five communities of land protection in the United States

H.B. Jackson, K. Kroetz, J.N. Sanchirico, A. Thompson, and P.R. Armsworth. Ecological Applications (2021) 31 (5).

Emissions, Transmission, and the Environmental Value of Renewable Energy

H. Fell, D.T. Kaffine, and K. Novan. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (2021) 13 (2): 241-272.

Review of Existing Models to Predict Reductions in Neural Tube Defects Due to Folic Acid Fortification and Model Results Using Data from Cameroon

H. Luo, K.H. Brown, C.P. Stewart, L.A. Beckett, A. Clermont, S.A. Vosti, et al. Advances in Nutrition (2021) 12 (6): 2401-2414.

The adaptive benefits of agricultural water markets in California

J. Arellano-Gonzalez, A. AghaKouchak, M.C. Levy, Y. Qin, J. Burney, … F.C. Moore, et al. Environmental Research Letters (2021) 16.

Food versus Fuel? Impacts of the North Dakota Oil Boom on Agricultural Prices

J.B. Bushnell, J.E. Hughes, and A. Smith. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2021) 9 (1).

Setting with the Sun: The Impacts of Renewable Energy on Conventional Generation

J. Bushnell and K. Novan. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2021) 8 (4).

Effects of competing food desert policies on store format choice among SNAP participants

J. Cuffey and T.K.M. Beatty. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2021) November.

Dynamic prioritization of COVID-19 vaccines when social distancing is limited for essential workers

J.H. Buckner, G. Chowell, and M.R. Springborn. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2021) 118 (16).

Reflections on the Political Economy of European Wine Appellations

J.M. Alston and D. Aeta. Italian Economic Journal (2021) 7: 219-258.

The economics of agricultural innovation

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Payoffs to a half century of CGIAR research

J.M. Alston, P.G. Pardey, and X. Rao. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2021) August.

Direct and ancillary benefits of ecosystem based fisheries management in forage fish fisheries

J.N. Sanchirico and T.E. Essington. Ecological Applications (2021) 31 (7).

Political economy of renewable resource federalism

J.N. Sanchirico, J.C. Blackwood, B. Fitzpatrick, D.M. Kling, S. Lenhart, … M.R. Springborn, et al. Ecological Applications (2021) 31 (3).

Fear of fraud and willingness to pay for hybrid maize seed in Kenya

J. Yu, D.A. Sumner, and H. Lee. Food Policy (2021) 102.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Existing and Hypothetical Iron Fortification Programs in Haiti

K. Adams, S. Vosti, M. Jarvis, Y. Régis, R. Climat, C. Joseph, et al. Current Developments in Nutrition (2021) 5 Supplement 2.

Nudge to insure: Can informational nudges change enrollment decisions in pasture, rangeland, and forage rainfall index insurance?

K.A. Davidson and B.K. Goodrich. Applied Economic Perspective and Policy (2021) November.

The cost of changes in energy use in a warming world

K. Jessoe and F. Moore. Nature (2021) 598.

Residential water conservation during drought: Experimental evidence from three behavioral interventions

K. Jessoe, G.E. Lade, F. Loge, and E. Spang. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2021) 110.

Spillovers from Behavioral Interventions: Experimental Evidence from Water and Energy Use

K. Jessoe, G.E. Lade, F. Loge, and E. Spang. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2021) 8 (2).

Comparing estimated cost‐effectiveness of micronutrient intervention programs using primary and secondary data: evidence from Cameroon

K.P. Adams, H. Luo, S.A. Vosti, J.Kagin, I. Ngnie-Teta, A. Ndjebayi, et al. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences (2021) December.

COVID-19 morbidity and mortality in U.S. meatpacking counties

L. Christiaensen, Z. Rutledge, and J.E. Taylor. Food Policy (2021) 101.

Rangeland Ecosystem Service Markets: Panacea or Wicked Problem?

L.M. Roche, T.L. Saitone, and K.W. Tate. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems (2021) 5.

Scale-dependency in discrete choice models: A fishery application

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Are Simultaneously Decided Referenda Substitutable? Evidence from Municipal Land Use Ballot Measures

M. Gammans, J.N. Sanchirico, K. Kroetz, P.R. Armsworth, and E.W. Swiedler. Land Economics (2021) 97 (1).

Oligopsonistic Input Substitution in a Thin Market

M.G.S. McKendree, T.L. Saitone, and K.A. Schaefer. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2021) 103 (4): 1414-1432.

Viewpoint: The future of work in agri-food

M.H. Gharib, L.H. Palm-Forster, T.J. Lybbert, and K.D. Messer. Food Policy (2021) 99.

Hidden patterns of insect establishment risk revealed from two centuries of alien species discoveries

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Modern agricultural value chains and the future of smallholder farming systems

M. Ma and R.J. Sexton. Agricultural Economics (2021) 52 (4): 591-606.

Subsidies and the African Green Revolution: Direct Effects and Social Network Spillovers of Randomized Input Subsidies in Mozambique

M.R. Carter, R. Laajaj, and D. Yang. American Journal of Applied Economics (2021) 13 (2): 206-229.

Integrating broccoli rotation, mustard meal, and anaerobic soil disinfestation to manage verticillium wilt in strawberry

M. Zavatta, J. Muramoto, E. Milazzo, S. Koike, K. Klonsky, R. Goodhue, et al. Crop Protection (2021) 146.

Climate Econometrics: Can the Panel Approach Account for Long‐Run Adaptation?

P. Mérel and M. Gammans. American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2021) 103 (4): 1207-1238.

How big is the "lemons" problem? Historical evidence from French wines

P. Mérel, A. Ortiz-Bobea, and E. Paroissien. European Economic Review (2021) 138.

Compensation incentives and heat exposure affect farm worker effort

Q. Pan, D.A. Sumner, D.C. Mitchell, and M. Schenker. PLoS One (2021) 16 (11).

Analyses Using National Survey Data From Cameroon, Haiti, and Ghana Indicate the Potential for Bouillon Fortification to Help Fill Dietary Gaps for 5 Nutrients

R. Engle-Stone, K. Adams, S. Kumordzie, H. Luo, K.R. Wessells, ... S. Vosti, et al. Current Developments in Nutrition (2021) 5 Supplement 2.

Biological Invasions and International Trade: Managing a Moving Target

R. Epanchin-Niell, C. McAusland, A. Liebhold, P. Mwebaze, and M.R. Springborn. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy (2021) 14 (2).

Governance in the Face of Extreme Events: Lessons from Evolutionary Processes for Structuring Interventions, and the Need to Go Beyond

S.A. Levin, J.M. Anderies, N. Adger, S. Barrett, E.M. Bennett, … J. Wilen, et al. Ecosystems (2021) June.

A "Sideways" Supply Response in California Winegrapes

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Recycling Carbon Tax Revenue to Maximize Welfare

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The Macro Effects of Climate Policy Uncertainty

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Worth the Hype? Tall Vines Raise Profits for Some – Tradeoffs for All

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Understanding Patterns and Drivers of Bouillon Use in Northern Ghana to Inform Fortification Planning

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The Economy's Response to Potential Climate Policy

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Selecting Micronutrient Intervention Programs to Save Lives: Evidence From Cameroon

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Environmental applications of the Coase Theorem

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Innovation-adjusted economic complexity and growth: Do patent flows reveal enhanced economic capabilities?

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The evolving ethics of analysis, publication, and transparency in applied economics

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Hurricanes and Gasoline Price Gouging

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Farmers, Traders, and Processors: Buyer Market Power and Double Marginalization in Indonesia

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Premium rates and selection in specialty crop insurance markets: Evidence from the catastrophic coverage participation

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Reflections and projections on a decade of climate science

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Comparing costs and cost-efficiency of platforms for micronutrient powder (MNP) delivery to children in rural Uganda

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The Magnitude and Determinants of Partial Redemptions of Food Benefits in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

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Evaluating sustainable development policies in rural coastal economies

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Species protection in areas conserved through community-driven direct democracy as compared with a large private land trust in California

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Are All Colonies Created Equal? The Role of Honey Bee Colony Strength in Almond Pollination Contracts

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State trading deregulation and prairie durum wheat production

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Finding our balance? Revisiting the randomization revolution in development economics ten years further on

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Estimating the Economic Impacts of Climate Change Using Weather Observations

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An invitation for more research on transnational corporations and the biosphere

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Rural School Access and the Agricultural Transformation

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A Censored Maximum Likelihood Approach to Quantifying Manipulation in China's Air Pollution Data

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Micronutrient Fortification of Commercially Available Biscuits Is Predictedto Have Minimal Impact on Prevalence of Inadequate MicronutrientIntakes: Modeling of National Dietary Data From Cameroon

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Effect of religion on the risk behaviour of rural Ghanaian women: evidence from a controlled field experiment

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