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Jay Abolofia: Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis

June 18, 2014

Jay Abolofia has accepted a two-year post-doctoral researcher position with Professor James Sanchirico in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis. His research will focus on fisher ...

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Karen Thome: USDA Economic Research Service

June 18, 2014

Karen Thome has accepted a new position as a research agricultural economist in the Food Security and Development Branch, Market and Trade Economics Division, of USDA's Economic Research Service ...

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Anil Bhargava: University of Michigan

May 1, 2014

Anil K. Bhargava will join the University of Michigan in Fall 2014 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Natural Resources and Environment. His research will be part ...

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John Bovay: U.S. Department of Agriculture

April 24, 2014

John Bovay will begin a new position as a Research Agricultural Economist with the Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, in June 2014. John's research at ERS ...

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Wei Zhang: Connecticut College

April 24, 2014

Wei Zhang will join the faculty of the Department of Economics at Connecticut College in fall 2014. Wei is an applied economist whose work focuses on the decision making of ...

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Jean Paul Pétraud: IMPAQ International

April 24, 2014

Jean Paul Pétraud will be joining IMPAQ International in Washington, DC as a research associate. His research is about poor people's strategies to improve their welfare, including how they ...

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Kate Fuller: Montana State University

April 15, 2014

Kate Fuller will join the faculty of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics at Montana State University. She will begin her position as an assistant professor/extension specialist on ...

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Derek Farnsworth: University of Florida

April 14, 2014

Derek Farnsworth will join the faculty in the Department of Food and Resource Economics at the University of Florida in fall 2014. Derek is an agricultural economist whose research interests ...

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Dalia Ghanem Joins ARE Faculty

April 7, 2014

Dalia Ghanem has recently joined the ARE faculty, as an assistant professor. Her fields of interest are econometrics and environmental economics. Her work in econometrics is focused on improving existing ...

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Kailin Kroetz: Resources for the Future

April 4, 2014

Kailin Kroetz will join Resources for the Future (RFF) in Fall 2014 as a Fellow. Kailin's research interests include resource economics, environmental economics, and applied econometrics.. Her dissertation title ...

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