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ARE Professor Emeritus Jim Wilen and ESP Professor Jim Sanchirico Awarded AERE Publication of Enduring Quality Award

June 6, 2023

Congratulations to ARE Professor Emeritus Jim Wilen and ESP Professor Jim Sanchirico who were awarded the 2023 Publication of Enduring Quality (PEQ) Award from the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists for their paper, “Bioeconomics of Spatial Exploitation in a Patchy Environment” published in 1999 in the Journal of Environmental Economics Management. The PEQ Award recognizes works that are of seminal nature and with enduring value in environmental and resource economics.

The paper was based on Sanchirico’s dissertation, which was completed at UC Davis ARE in 1998. Of the award-winning publication, the nominating committee stated:

“This paper is a transformative contribution that changed the way economists and others see the world. It did this by laying out a new framework for understanding the role played by space and spatial mechanisms in systems of living organisms. This new framework, in turn, allowed economists to tackle questions about spatial policy issues that had not been addressed before with existing non-spatial paradigms. […] The paper is notable for the cascade of papers that followed that elaborated and extended the original ideas, applied the framework to other resource systems, and motivated generalizations leading to a new body of theory of spatial-dynamic systems. It is easy to argue that this paper is one of the most significant contributions to emerge in natural resource economics over the last several decades.”

Read the paper here.


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