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ARE Masters Students Visit Wonderful Company Nurseries to Present Capstone Case Study

June 23, 2022

Each spring quarter for the past four years, a group of 8-10 ARE masters students have worked as a team to complete a case study commissioned by The Wonderful Company. Every year, the case study team delivers a polished presentation to the management team and a final report that addresses the question the group was tasked with answering.

This year eight ARE Masters students were tasked by Wonderful Nurseries with creating a model of almond planting decisions in order to inform their nursery investments in different almond varieties. The case study cohort, along with ARE Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist Brittney Goodrich, recently visited Wonderful Nurseries to present their report, visit the facilities, and discuss next steps.

Group members include: Yushu Du, Yan Ge, Lijun Guo, Christine How, Hana Muramatsu, Elizabeth Weststeyn, Jiaxin Yin, and Junjian Zhu. 

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