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Laurel Krovetz Receives Outstanding Senior Award in Managerial Economics

July 15, 2021

Congratulations to Laurel Krovetz for being named the Outstanding Senior in Managerial Economics!

The Outstanding Senior Award recognizes an exceptional undergraduate senior in the major who has achieved academic excellence, outstanding leadership activities, and upholds the Principles of Community at UC Davis. Krovetz was nominated by Professors Michael Carter and Travis Lybbert.

“Laurel has a sharp intellect, curiosity, and drive and determination to succeed. During her 166 class, Economics of Global Poverty Reduction: What Works & Why, Laurel became quite interested in exploring the heterogeneous impacts that asset building programs have on poor women in Kenya’s pastoral region. Using sophisticated statistical tools, Laurel not only identified this heterogeneity, but also convincingly showed that much of the heterogeneity results from the different baseline mental health of participants. Her findings have already been presented to leading global scholars who study this issue and heretofore have remained puzzled over evidence of impact heterogeneity. Her work also has important implications about what needs to be done to help place deeply poor women into a position where they can move forward on a pathway from poverty. Laurel presented her results as an outstanding senior honors thesis. She presented her work in a lecture to this year’s cohort of 166 students who benefited from her clear and careful analysis, and drew inspiration from her example as a peer who illustrates how far a smart and hard-working managerial economics major can go.” Professor Carter said.

Krovetz is honored to be recognized for the award and grateful for her time as a Managerial Economics major.
“My experience as a Managerial Economics major has been extremely valuable, and the skills and knowledge I have gained these past years will be instrumental to my future pursuits. I am especially grateful to have had the opportunity to work with some of the department’s great professors as a research assistant and on my senior honors thesis. These opportunities were valuable hands-on educational experiences that introduced me to, and gave me the chance to participate in, research in economics. This fall I will be attending Cornell University to earn a master’s degree in applied economics, and I plan to pursue my interest in development economics there. Looking back on my experience as a Managerial Economics major, I am proud of my accomplishments and incredibly grateful to the program,” Krovetz said.


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