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Ph.D. Student Joakim Weill and Co-Authors’ Paper Illustrating How Income Disparities Affect Exposure to Covid-19 Cited in Recent New York Times Article

March 12, 2021

The New York Times article is part of “The Week Our Reality broke” series reflecting on a year living with the coronavirus pandemic and how it has affected American society.

Citing the study led by ARE Ph.D. student Joakim Weill, and co-authored by ARE Ph.D. alumnus Matthieu Stigler, ESP associate professor Michael Springborn, and UC Santa Barbara professor Olivier Deschenes, the New York Times article graphically illustrates how lower-income workers were more likely to become infected with Covid-19.

The full report, “Social distancing responses to COVID-19 emergency declarations strongly differentiated by income” was published in PNAS August 2020 is available here.


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