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Aaron Smith Launches ARE DeLoach Chair Website

May 28, 2020

The recently launched website aims to make agricultural data easily accessible to researchers and the public. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can view or download the data you are interested in.

Currently the site features four main “blocks” of data focused on:

  • California Crops - annual production and price data and maps for 11 major CA crops
  • US Crops - annual production and price data and maps for 8 major US crops
  • World Trends for Major US Crops - global annual production, trade and price data for 11 major US crops
  • US Export Sales Reports - weekly US ag exports by crop and destination country

Future “blocks” will include data on ag transportation, prices and basis, commodity futures prices and convergence, and biofuels.

Additionally the site features Smith’s research (including new papers) and weekly news about agriculture data and research.

Smith thanks his research assistants, especially Seunghyun Lee and Julian Arteaga, for their expert work putting the site together.

Visit the website here.


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