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Galt High School FFA Issues Team Visits AIC to Discuss Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

April 1, 2019

A team of students from the Galt High School FFA recently visited Dan Sumner, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) distinguished professor and director of the UC Agricultural Issues Center (AIC).

The students visited Sumner in the AIC to present their entry for the FFA Agricultural Issues Forum Leadership Development Event, and hear his suggestions. Sumner explained that this annual FFA competition has students pick an agricultural issue, then present all sides. The Galt High School students chose the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Sumner relayed that one student took on the role of moderator as the other students took on personas of people on various sides of the issue, such as farmer, environmentalist, rural community leader, etc.

"The students were very articulate, smart and thoughtful," Dr. Sumner said, adding that UC Davis is a great resource for students interested in pursuing agricultural economics, and he enjoys and encourages such requests for interaction as the Galt High School teacher makes for his FFA students each year.


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