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Report Details Positive Impacts of AMA Innovation Lab's Six Years of Research into Global Development

Jan. 24, 2019

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Assets and Market Access (AMA), directed by ARE Professor Michael Carter, is funded by USAID to support the U.S. government's "Feed the Future" initiative to reduce hunger and increase food security in developing countries. Over the past six years, the AMA Innovation Lab has conducted and supported research on policies and programs designed to help poor and smallholder farms worldwide manage risk, adopt productive technologies, and take an active part in economic growth. A newly published report details this work, including 32 projects, 69 academic papers, and 87 research presentations benefitting 76,474 households.

"To reduce poverty requires multi-dimensional thinking," Dr. Carter states in the report. "Addressing the root causes of persistent, extreme poverty in a complex, real-world setting puts families in a position to be economically viable. That is the first step toward a future free from the need for aid."

Click here to read Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Assets and Market Access: 2012–2018 Report.


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