UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics

Maxime Depalle: Economist at Veolia

Jan. 17, 2019

Maxime Depalle earned his UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) Ph.D. in September 2018. He is now an economist for the research and development department of the French utility Veolia, where he works on topics related to circular economy and ecosystem services valuation. In his doctoral dissertation, Geospatial Data and Fishery Management: Innovative Modelling Approaches, Depalle investigates how recent advances in the availability of geospatial data can be utilized to improve natural resources management. Taking Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) data and fisheries from the Gulf of Mexico and the North Atlantic region as empirical settings, it develops novel approaches to better model commercial fishing behavior and to analyze policy interventions. Dr. Depalle's dissertation committee co-chairs were ARE Graduate Program Member and Environmental Science and Policy Professor James N. Sanchirico and Ifremer Marine Economics Unit Director Dr. Olivier Thébaud. ARE Professor James E. Wilen also was on the dissertation committee.


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