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Department Alumni Sweep Marine Resource Economics Outstanding Article Awards

Sept. 11, 2018

Representative of the cutting-edge research fostered in the UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE), articles co-authored by two alumni from their recent thesis work received the Marine Resource Economics (MRE) 2017 Outstanding Article and Honorable Mention awards.

"Fisheries Production: Management Institutions, Spatial Choice, and the Quest for Policy Invariance," with Dr. Matthew N. Reimer (ARE Ph.D. '12) as lead co-author, won the MRE 2017 Outstanding Article Award. MRE Associate Editor Dan Holland stated in the award announcement that the authors address "an issue in production economics applied to multispecies fisheries that has not been well understood and has important implications for applied policy analysis in fisheries. Their analysis shows that accurate assessment of the impacts of a policy intervention requires a careful understanding and description of the fishing production process that is sufficiently structural so as to be invariant to institutional changes and other factors that can alter fishers' incentives."

"The Cost of Lice: Quantifying the Impacts of Parasitic Sea Lice on Farmed Salmon," with Dr. Jay Abolofia (ARE Ph.D. '14) as lead co-author, won the MRE Honorable Mention Award. "The rapid expansion of aquaculture has been the major story in seafood markets over recent decades," MRE Editor-in-Chief Joshua K. Abbot said about the article in the award announcement. "One significant challenge has arisen from diseases linked to the spatial concentration of farmed species—a problem with clear parallels in land-based animal agriculture. Yet, there is little understanding of the magnitude of the economic burden currently imposed by these diseases or their potential to limit future industry growth and seafood supply. [Abolofia et al.] address this knowledge deficit by assessing the impacts of parasitic sea lice on the highly valuable Norwegian farmed Atlantic salmon industry."


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