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Research by Professor Lybbert and Ph.D. Candidate Paul Demonstrates Benefits of Drought-Tolerant Seeds Backed by Innovative Insurance for Farmers in Tanzania

July 9, 2018

A pilot project including research by ARE Professor Travis Lybbert and ARE Ph.D. Candidate Laura Paul has found early success in Tanzania. The project pairs drought-tolerant hybrid maize with index insurance. Success is evident with local adoption of the program, and the insurance providing "in-kind" payments of seeds to farmers for their losses due to drought.

Another benefit of this Feed the Future AMA Innovation Lab project is that the hybrid maize produces bigger harvests than seeds farmers may have saved from the previous year's crop. This means more maize to eat and possibly to sell. All together, the success with insurance that replaces seed if drought causes crops to fail and the benefits of hybrid maize are bringing farmers a step closer to greater food security, income, and long-term resilience.

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