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Professor Beatty's Research about Low-Cost Approaches to Increasing Gym Attendance Published in Journal of Health Economics

July 2, 2018

"Low-cost approaches to increasing gym attendance," by Timothy K.M. Beatty, UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics professor, and Bhagyashree Katare, Purdue University Department of Agricultural Economics professor, will be published in Volume 60 of the Journal of Health Economics and is currently available online.


We investigate the effect of two low-cost experimental interventions designed to increase physical exercise: a lottery based financial incentive and a social norming treatment. The lottery intervention provides a financial incentive to increase physical activity whereas the social norming intervention attempts to increase physical activity by providing feedback to individuals on their own and their peers’ physical exercise activity. We find the larger of our two lottery treatments yields a positive and statistically significant effect on physical activity at modest cost, whereas our social norming treatment has no detectable effect.

Click here to access the article.


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