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Professors Taylor and Martin's Comments on California Vineyard Workers Featured in Mother Jones

July 13, 2018

The comments of J. Edward Taylor, ARE professor and vice chair, and Philip Martin, ARE emeritus professor, are featured in a Mother Jones piece about the status of California's vineyard workers and the effects of tighter federal immigration control.

Taylor estimates the number of farm workers coming from rural Mexico is declining by about 150,000, or approximately 1 percent, per year. Causes include the 2008 recession, the journey becoming more expensive and dangerous, and an improving economy in Mexico decreasing rural poverty. "This is a case where what's good for Mexico creates big challenges for California farmers," Taylor comments.

Martin is quoted as saying the shortage of farm labor is part of a larger trend in agriculture that has sparked a race "between rising imports, more machines, and foreign guest workers."

Click here to read the feature.


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