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Ecological Economics Journal Highlights Ph.D. Student Joakim Weill's Master's Thesis Offering a Cost-Benefit Approach for Prioritizing Invasive Species

April 6, 2018

Joakim Weill, a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, is having part of his master's thesis published in the April issue of Ecological Economics. Joakim wrote the initial working paper as part of his work to earn a master's degree in environmental and natural resource economics from the Université Paris Saclay, France. He then worked with the three co-authors during his first year at UC Davis to have it published.

Click here to read "A Cost-Benefit Approach for Prioritizing Invasive Species," by Pierre Courtois, Charles Figuieres, Chloe Mulier, and Joakim Weill.


Biological invasions entail massive biodiversity losses and tremendous economic impacts that justify significant management efforts. Because the funds available to control biological invasions are limited, there is a need to identify priority species. In this paper, we first review current invasive species prioritization methods and explicitly highlight their strengths and pitfalls. We then construct a cost-benefit optimization framework that offers the theoretical foundations of a simple method for the management of multiple invasive species under a limited budget. We provide an algorithm to operationalize this framework and render explicit the assumptions required to satisfy the management objective.


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