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Alston, Sumner, Sambucci: Should California Winemakers Be Worried about China's Tariffs?

April 18, 2018

Alston, Sumner, Sambucci.jpgFrom left, ARE Distinguished Professor Julian Alston, ARE Distinguished Professor Daniel Sumner, and ARE Postdoctoral Scholar Olena Sambucci.

Distinguished professors Julian Alston and Daniel Sumner and postdoctoral scholar Olena Sambucci recently published "Should California Winemakers Be Worried about China's Tarrifs?"

The article presents data about what percentage of U.S. wine is shipped to China, what the effects may be due to China being the world's fastest-growing wine market, and how imports to Hong Kong offer a "back door" for U.S. wine.

Click here to read the article that has received coverage on National Public Radio, the Associated Press, and other media outlets.


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