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J. Edward Taylor and Diane Charlton’s New Book The Farm Labor Problem: A Global Perspective Published by Elsevier Academic Press

Dec. 12, 2018

The Farm Labor Problem: A Global Perspective, by J. Edward Taylor, professor and vice chair in the UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, and Diane Charlton, assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics at Montana State University who completed her Ph.D. at UC Davis ARE in 2016, was published in December 2018.


The Farm Labor Problem: A Global Perspective explores the unique character of agricultural labor markets and the implications for food production, farm worker welfare and advocacy, and immigration policy. Agricultural labor markets differ from other labor markets in fundamental ways related to seasonality and uncertainty, and they evolve differently than other labor markets as economies develop. We weave economic analysis with the history of agricultural labor markets using data and real-world events. The farm labor history of California and the United States is particularly rich, so it plays a central role in the book, but the book has a global perspective ensuring its relevance to Europe and high-income Asian countries.

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