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ARE Welcomes Dr. Bulat Gafarov to Faculty

Oct. 26, 2017

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) is proud to welcome Dr. Bulat Gafarov to the faculty as an assistant professor.

Bulat earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in applied mathematics and physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He also earned a master’s degree in economics from the New Economic School in Russia.

“I enjoy using the mathematical rigor gained from physics in economics applications,” he said.

Furthering his studies in the United States, Bulat earned a doctoral degree in economics from Pennsylvania State University in 2017. He pursued a Ph.D. in order to become a professor.

“This is a profession where one is able to interact with very smart people every day and work on exciting projects,” he said. “On the top of that, the profession involves teaching and lot of travelling, two other things I very much enjoy.”

Bulat was interested in the position at UC Davis because “it’s one of the best applied economics departments in the world,” he said. “I grew up in Bashkortostan, one of the major oil-producing regions in Russia. Naturally, I was interested in natural resource markets because it affected life around me. I’m excited to collaborate with faculty and apply my statistical methods in order to answer important questions in energy economics.”

Bulat’s fields of interest include econometric theory, computational economics, macroeconomics, and energy economics.

“As an econometrician, I develop inference methods that use only accepted minimalistic economic assumptions,” Bulat said of his research focus. “I am interested in various applications, from commodity markets to monetary policy.”

There’s one other benefit of UC Davis Bulat couldn’t help but mention.

“I grew up in a harsh climate,” he shared. “I’m very excited to live a life without buying winter clothes.”


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