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Ted Gilliland and Brittney Goodrich: Provost's Dissertation Year Fellowships

June 17, 2016

Ted Gilliland and Brittney Goodrich, both Ph.D candidates in ARE, are both recipients of the Provost's Dissertation Year Fellowship in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences for the 2016-2017 academic year. This fellowship supports promising doctoral students in their final year of graduate study, and enables them to devote full-time to the completion of their dissertation.

Brittney's dissertation title is, "The California Almond Pollination Market: Contracting and Honey Bee Colony Health," in which she investigates the impact that colony supply uncertainty has on the California almond pollination market, the largest user of managed pollinators in the world. Brittney's committee chair is Professor Rachael Goodhue. Ted's dissertation title is, "Small-scale Fisheries Management and Poverty: A Bioeconomic General Equilibrium Approach."

Ted explained that small-scale fisheries in developing countries are nested within complex local economies. To better understand the impacts of fisheries management interventions on overfishing and poverty, this dissertation couples local economy-wide modeling with bioeconomic modeling. This provides a framework that can help policy-makers find synergies between natural resource protection, sustainable livelihoods, and local economic growth. Ted's committee co-chairs are Professors Jim Sanchirico and Jim Wilen.


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