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Michael K. Wohlgenant: 2016 ARE Outstanding Ph.D. Alumni Award

April 8, 2016

The ARE Department will award its 2016 Outstanding Ph.D. Alumnus Award to Michael K. Wohlgenant. Mike received his Ph.D. in agricultural economics at UC Davis in 1978 under the direction of Gordon King. His dissertation title was, “An Econometric Analysis of Price Determination: A Study of the California Grape-Wine Industry.” Upon graduation, he joined the faculty at North Carolina State as an assistant professor. Since 1996, Mike has served as the William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics at North Carolina State University. His specialty is development of economic models of agricultural marketing, policy, demand, and price analysis problems. He has developed economic models to understand farm-to-retail price linkages, consumer demand, market supply/demand, and the effects of advertising. Mike is a Fellow of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. He will receive this prestigious award on April 14, 2016, when he returns to UC Davis to deliver a seminar, "Taxing Alcoholic Beverages."


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