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Eliana Zeballos and Zoë Plakias: ARE Scott McNiven Community Service Award

June 19, 2015

The ARE Scott McNiven Community Service Award is given each year to the ARE graduate student whose actions—through mentoring other students, creating and strengthening collaborative intellectual spaces, organizing social activities, or investing in public goods—best exemplify the principles of community that Scott held so dear. Eliana Zeballos and Zoë Plakias are the 2015 co-recipients of the award.

Eliana Zeballos serves as President of the Graduate Student Association (GSA). In addition to her efforts to promote community as GSA President, she sets a positive example for her peers on how to balance social and work life. Although she works hard every day and on the weekends in her academic pursuits, she is always available to welcome new students, touch bases with everyone in the hallways, and organize other social activities outside of the department. When the library closed, she helped find a study place for the masters’ students. Eliana is close to finishing her PhD program and is preparing for her life after UC Davis, but she continues to display the warmth and congeniality that Scott provided to the ARE community.

For the past 5 years, Zoë has been very dedicated to the ARE community. She helps with the ARE website, organizes discussions to improve our LinkedIn network and other social media, is a member of the new faculty search committee, and she organizes brown bag discussions and seminars. Zoë welcomes new students and she remains a loyal friend to the students who have known her for years. Zoë exemplifies many of the wonderful traits that made Scott a beloved and highly valued member of our department.


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