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Jay Abolofia: Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis

June 18, 2014

Jay Abolofia has accepted a two-year post-doctoral researcher position with Professor James Sanchirico in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis. His research will focus on fisher's behavioral choices in the Gulf of Mexico. Jay's dissertation focused on the global salmon aquaculture industry and the impacts of disease on productivity and farmer behavior. Utilizing an extensive longitudinal dataset of Norwegian salmon farms, he analyzed industry growth and consolidation, the impacts of parasitic sea lice on farm production and profits, and the use of chemical and biological control measures to mitigate sea lice infestations. His paper "Putting a Price on Lice: Quantifying the Biological and Economic Impacts of Sea Lice on Farmed Salmonids," will receive the Best Student and Best Aquaculture Paper Awards at the International Institute of Fisheries, Economics and Trade Conference in Brisbane, Australia on July 7th.


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