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James Wilen: 2011 Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Publication of Enduring Quality Award

March 19, 2012

James Wilen, ARE professor, was honored at the 2011 meeting of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE) in Seattle. Wilen's publication, co-authored with Frances Homans (University of Minnesota), was selected as AERE's Publication of Enduring Quality for 2010.

The Publication of Enduring Quality award is given annually for a paper judged to have seminal value and a lasting impact on the profession. The paper entitled "A Model of Regulated Open Access Resource Use," appeared in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management in 1997, and it showed how the dynamics of resource exploitation are driven by the interplay between biological mechanisms, economic incentives, and regulatory behavior. The award applauded the paper for "surprising conclusions that change the prevailing view, together with an elegant explanation for the mechanisms at work that lead to new views about important policy issues."


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