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Roberta Cook: Fresh Produce Industry Award

Oct. 26, 2011

Roberta Cook, cooperative extension marketing economist, received a fresh produce industry award, The Packer 25. This award recognizes her as being among the top 25 industry leaders for 2011.

Dr. Cook's research on the California fresh produce industry has earned her a reputation for bridging the gap between business and government, farm and university, and the U.S. and Mexico. Cook's research publications analyze diverse topics from the changing competitive landscape in U.S. produce sales to international market conditions, food safety, labor, the greenhouse industry and multiple commodities.

A 2005 report, "Greenhouse Tomatoes Change the Dynamics of the North American Fresh Tomato Industry," coauthored by Cook with USDA agricultural economist Linda Calvin, still prompts queries from growers, retailers, scientists and academics. The report explained increased greenhouse production in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, providing an authoritative assessment to the field tomato industry.

Cook's next paper, "Fundamental Forces Affecting Fresh Produce Growers and Marketers," has been submitted for publication. It addresses buyer-supplier relationships and bargaining power; marketing services; product differentiation; and berry and lettuce commodities, among other topics.


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